What to do when common cold hits you

 What to do when common cold hits you

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With the chill enveloping the city, most Delhiites these days must be suffering from cold. Common cold, though not a serious disease, is quite an irritating problem, and practically makes a person immobile. Though common cold gets better on its own in some days, some home remedies are very effective in dealing with it. It is only some cases, like me, who get fever and throat congestion along with cold, in which case a doctor has to be consulted. For the rest, trust me, doing the following will benefit a lot.

Steam Inhalation
Do this as many times as you can in day, particularly before going to sleep at night. You can buy a steam inhaler from the market or use your tea kettle. Be sure to protect your eyes from the steam.
Though plain water is good enough, if you face chronic blockade of nose, put half a spoon of ajwain (carom seeds) in water. For infants, you can heat some carom seeds on tawa, roll these up in a muslin cloth and tie it around the neck of baby. This is a very effective remedy, I often use when my kids were small.

Use lukewarm water for gargles twice or thrice a day. For better results, add a pinch of salt in water. Gargles can also be done by boiling guava leaves in water.
But if you cannot do gargles, like me (I feel vomity doing gargles), drink up the water. If you cannot do this even, chew up the baby leaves of guava. They are very good for throat.

Nasal drops
You can buy nasal drops from the market, but insist on just those that is pure saline solution. Or you can use the one meant for paediatric use. It doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Mustard oil
Putting some mustard oil in your nostrils gives a great relief from cold, particularly while having a hot water bath.

Garlic and honey
Both garlic and honey are good against cold and cough. Make a paste of garlic with honey and have it two-three times a day

Black pepper
This one is very effective for running nose. Heat some ghee, put a pinch of finely grounded black pepper and some boora (powdered sugar) or shakkar (powdered jaggery) to make a paste. You can have this with a roti, it tastes divine. There is only one condition, do NOT drink water after consuming this.

All this apart, make it a habit of drinking a cup of hot water (as hot as tea) after every meal. And while making tea, add some ginger, tulsi leaves and turmeric powder to boiling water. Also make eating a piece of jaggery after each meal your daily routine.


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