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Sanjay Mittal

The lockdown was a great time to do the unconventional things in life. One challenge for me was to eat delicious food without putting on weight, yet getting high nutrition. So with this quest, I created the delicious Protein Delight, the first of the fifteen dishes I invented. Do try this out. It is truly a superfood. It is remarkably full of taste, high on #protein, has lot of fibre and is low on #calories. It will certainly help weightloss and results are visible in a week’s time.
This ingenuous dish is a hit. Beyond weight loss, it has tremendous benefits like great #coloncleansing, and bestows you with high #energy throughout the day. It has now become a cult recipe amongst my friends in India and abroad. Our company mygravitymyfitness.com is promoting this as a premium recipe for weight loss as well as nutrition. For maximum benefits—the big trick is to have it as your dinner. A nutritious non-oil dinner!  The soup along with it would also tickle and satisfy your taste buds. The long list of nutrition the dish provides is given at the end of the article. As you dig into it, you could well sing I get nutrition and taste..
Without the waste and a waist! 🙂
Making this master dish is super easy. I want all men wary of cooking to also try their hand at it, so I am giving a photo guide on how   to do this. The quantities of ingredients in this picture would suffice for four people. The other way out is one person can have it for four days.

protein delight drink

Black chana (chickpea)  — 30%  1 cup
While chana (Chickpea)  — 20%    ⅔ cup
Rajma (kidney beans)  — 20%  ⅔ cup
Sookha mattar (dried peas) — 15%  ⅓ cup
Yellow dal (lentil) — 15%  ⅓ cup
Garlic cloves
Curry patta leaves (if not available, use mint leaves)
Sliced amala (indian gooseberry)
Sliced Ginger
Methi (fenugreek) seeds
Turmeric (haldi) powder
Salt, pepper and chilli powder as per your taste
It is possible that you may not have all these readily available. But even if a few are NOT available, the dish can still be made

In a bowl, soak all the whole grains in drinking water for two hours or more, so that they absorb water and get swelled up. After the soaking is over, add Garlic cloves, Curry patta leaves, sliced Amla, sliced Ginger. Methi seeds, Turmeric (haldi) powder and salt, pepper and chilli powder as per your taste.
Transfer the soaked grains along with the water in a pressure cooker. Add more water in the cooker so that all get dipped in and also mix them well. Much of the water will be consumed for cooking. The remaining water will become the most delicious soup to accompany the Protein Delight.
Do NOT add any oil or butter.
Place the cooker on the stove. The ideal time for the boiled cooking is 30 minutes on a low flame. Maybe the first whistle and second whistle of the cooker and some time after that but at least 25-30 minutes on low flame.
Then once the process is over, let the cooker cool before you open the lid. The excess water you see above the cooked grains is your delectable soup.
Now comes the second interesting stage. I have discovered that for it to be interesting, food needs to be not just tasty, but crunchy and colorful, too. To attain this perfect relish, let’s add a few more ingredients to our Protein delight. So we have it along with: Chopped raw onions, raw peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sliced paneer (cottage cheese), tomatoes and lemon juice.
The incredible beauty of the dish is its awesome taste.. It can be eaten hot or cold! The lightness of the recipe will help you have a sound sleep and an energetic morning the next day !! To put it in easy language the fibre and absence of oil will ensure a good intestinal and bowel clean up. Try jogging the next morning. It will be fun! Like I said… not so much restriction in portion size. Your mind will tell you when enough is enough.

♦ Low calorie, high protein. Since the calories come without oil or transfats, they will not add to your girth.
♦ Beans and nuts which are used in this have a protein content 2 or 3 times that of rice and wheat. A 70 kg adult requires about 70 gms of protein daily. This dish alone can give you about 30 plus gms
♦ It will start lowering your weight especially if taken as the main dish or as 80% of your dinner
♦ High energy and colon cleansing
♦ Low glycemic content which means it does not cause spike in blood sugar
♦ This dish has Zero cholesterol
♦ Legumes are a big help in reducing hypertension
♦ The fibre content is very high. Fibre is a carb which helps intestinal movement. It is only available in plant food. A normal adult requires     about 18g of fibre daily. This dish alone will give more than this
♦ Many diets do away with carbs. Carbs come from milk, vegetables, fruits and meat. To do away with carbohydrates is being a bit foolish. ♦ This dish has the healthiest of carbohydrates packed in.
♦ It is basically composed of legumes which are known to help control diabetes and help get a healthy heart
♦ The vitamin and mineral content of dry fruits, curry patta, amla, tomato, garlic, onions and spices would itself require a full chapter.
♦ Protein delight offers a range of nutrition, some of which is listed below in the table. For a full dinner main dish serving of about 500g          the approximate nutrition could well be:

Calories Protein Fibre Carbohydrates Fat Vitamin B9 Manganese Copper Iron Vitamin B1
400 30g 22g 40g 7 g Very high Very high Very high Very high Very high


The author is an engineer from the Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU).  He is a builder and has written two books. The second one, 2040:The battle for life, is slated to be released by the 2021-end.  He spends considerable time researching about gravity biomechanics along with his team and runs a fitness company, mygravitymyfitness.com. He can be contacted at [email protected] 



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