Proper medication can help keep thyroid under check

 Proper medication can help keep thyroid under check

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In India, over 42 million people suffer from thyroid ailments and one in 10 adults suffer from hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce the required hormones to meet the needs of the body. Hypothyroidism can cause serious complications during pregnancy. In addition, other grave diseases can adversely impact the thyroid and then there are thyroid nodules and goitre which can negatively impact thyroid health.

To cascade mass awareness and disseminate knowledge and wisdom for prevention and treatment of thyroid, ASSOCHAM organised another edition of the webinar series on Illness to Wellness campaign, themed around Thyroid & Related Disorders – Impact on Health. The virtual event was attended by gastroenterologists and hepatologists who shared valuable inputs on causes, trends and recent advancements in the treatment of thyroid.

The ASSOCHAM campaign, running under a CSR initiative supported by SAVLON, aims at promoting healthy living with a keen focus on wellness and preventive health through healthy habits, diet, exercise, and holistic health.

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in the neck which weighs about 18 gm. The under functioning glands leads to hypothyroidism and the over functioning gland leads to hyperthyroidism.

Following regular exercise regime, maintaining healthy weight together with low fat, low sugar, low rice and high fibre diet can go a long way for everyone to keep such ailments at bay and avoid unnecessary complications.


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