New Soluble fiber dietary supplement on the block

 New Soluble fiber dietary supplement on the block

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Mumbai-based Galaxy Scientific Nutrition Pvt. Ltd (GSN), a venture spearheaded by pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry stalwart Ajay Nilawar, has launched ‘MyFy’, a new soluble fiber dietary supplement.
The supplement is a unique blend of long chain and short chain fiber sourced from Japan and France and is manufactured in a US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approved facility. It is completely natural, clinically tested and convenient to use and has no additives, preservatives and organoleptic characters such as taste, colour or odour. It can blend in any drink or food preparation.
The supplement is aimed at helping consumers optimize their metabolism besides aiding in the prevention and prolonging the onset of lifestyle disorders like diabetes and high cholesterol without major alterations to their diet or lifestyle.
Speaking at the launch, Ajay Nilawar, Co-Founder and CEO, Galaxy Scientific Nutrition Pvt. Ltd (GSN) said, “We at Galaxy are bringing science to food and MyFy is a result of that. With this unique blend of soluble fiber, Galaxy has created ‘Fast Moving Healthcare Goods (FMHG)’ as a new product category in India and will introduce more such solutions to expand its product portfolio and consolidate its position in this FMHG space over the coming 2-3 years.” Spelling out the future, Ajay added, “We will continue to innovate and introduce dietary supplements in India for those metabolic and lifestyle related disorders for which no solutions exist as on date.”
Renowned nutritionist, Dr. Geeta Dharmatti who is the National Executive Member, Indian Dietetic Association and is currently on the board of advisors of Galaxy said, “Our health is a direct function of what we eat. Unfortunately, today’s fast paced lifestyles do not offer us the convenience of time to eat a well-balanced fiber rich diet. The daily requirement of fiber includes 14 gm/1000kcal. We need to eat at least 300 gm of vegetables and 100 gm of fruit apart from whole grain and pulses. If we are unable to consume this recommended amount of fiber through food, a supplement like MyFy will help to bridge the gap of deficiency for fiber.”


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