Mumbai taxi drivers turn COVID warriors

 Mumbai taxi drivers turn COVID warriors

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As Mumbai struggles to restart its economy, the taxi drivers in the city have now decided to become COVID warriors by spreading awareness of safety measures to help in controlling the virus spread in the city.

The Maharashtra Vahatuk Sena, taxi drivers’ union, has started an initiative wherein they have put up banners across South Mumbai Taxi Stands to create awareness among the drivers and passengers on ways to stay safe and prevent COVID spread. The banners and pamphlets essentially talk about the importance of social distancing, avoiding visits to high risk zones such as the red light areas of Kamathipura in South Mumbai, wearing masks, washing hands regularly. They have also issued individual letters and informative pamphlets to be placed inside all taxis across localities of Grant Road, Mumbai Central, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Masjid Bunder, Byculla and Nagpada etc.



“This is the first time I have seen my city struggle and as taxi drivers, we also wanted to do whatever we can to help the city come back to its original form. We believe that for the greater good it is essential that each one of us follow these guidelines strictly to keep ourselves and our city safe. The whole state is like my family and we all have a responsibility to protect them. The government is doing their best and we will do ours to keep the city safe,” shared Maharashtra Vahatuk Sena president Uday Dalvi.

Taxi driver Akbar, while talking about the issues faced by drivers and this initiative, said, “We have been facing many financial and safety issues during these times. Many times passengers are not wearing masks or want us to take them to high-risk areas, and we are unable to explain our situation to them. Through these banners we will be able to create awareness among our fellow drivers and passengers.”


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