Home remedies for treating mosquito bites

 Home remedies for treating mosquito bites

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We are in the thick of summers. Along with the other issues that we encounter in summers is mosquito menace. The problem persists through the rainy season. In fact, these days mosquitos have become quite resistant to cold climes as well. So, mosquito bites are inevitable. What do you do after a mosquito bite to reduce the itching that it causes? Nothing! Well, while you cannot do away with mosquitos but you sure can sure can do something to alleviate the itch. Read on:

Aloe Vera gel
Rubbing Aloe Vera gel is cools and soothes the skin and reduces itching. What’s more: It also helps the skin to heal. You can use the aloe vera gel available in the market or take out some from the raw leaf. Both are equally good.

Banana peel
Yes, you read it right. Banana peels are not just very good manure for plants, and excellent for your skin, but also greatly reduce the itching caused by mosquito bite. Rub the inside of the peel on the spot where you have got mosquito bite and see the result.

Ice cubes
Put a few ice cubes in a flannel or tea towel, and keep it on the mosquito bite for at least twenty minutes. The cold will ensure that you don’t feel the itching and the swelling will disappear. Taking an ice-cold shower is a very good idea if you have multiple bites.

Salt is another thing easily available in your kitchen. Scrubbing salt on mosquito bite dries it out, so the itching should disappear in no time. Before applying salt, wet the skin in the area of the mosquito bite and then scrub salt. Leave it to soak for a while and rinse with warm water. It may sting you a bit, but will take the itch away.

Lemon juice
Applying lemon and lime juice not just stop the itching but also prevent any infections that might occur. But one must use this juice only indoors and completely wash the area afterwards.

Apple cider vinegar
Dab a little of this vinegar on the mosquito bite, and leave it for a few minutes. You may even pour two/ three cups of apple cider vinegar into your bath water. This vinegar has a strong smell which is not very pleasant, so be mindful of that.


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