MediBuddy launches new vertical of Phlebotomists, to conduct tests at home

 MediBuddy launches new vertical of Phlebotomists, to conduct tests at home

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To provide quality healthcare services to consumers and to extend its reach in tier 2 and beyond cities as well, digital healthcare platform MediBuddy has launched its team of Phlebotomy. It would now offer customers comprehensive healthcare services including the provision of conducting various medical tests at home with its in-house team of Phlebos, along with doctor consultations and medicine delivery.

With this new service launch, MediBuddy sets a target to strengthen its team of certified phlebotomists of over 1000 plus members within the next quarter for consumers to avail lab tests from the comfort of their homes across cities and small towns.

Customers can easily book an appointment through the MediBuddy platform based on their requirements. Upon confirmation, a qualified phlebotomist will reach their location to conduct the tests. The app will send an OTP for verification, following which the phlebotomist will walk you through the entire process.

Once the explanation is done, a medical checkup will be conducted recording all customer vitals. Post which the samples will be collected adhering to all safety protocols, ensuring that all equipment used is sterilised and safe.

Maintaining transparency in all processes, the customers can easily track all activities on the platform. As soon as the results arrive from the lab, the customer will be notified.

“Our vision is to be a platform that individuals can rely on for their medical needs with absolute convenience and this is one step closer to it. Phlebotomy would help high-quality medical amenities reach more Indians at the comfort of their homes,” says Satish Kannan, Co-founder, and CEO, MediBuddy


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