LYEF Wellness products now in India

 LYEF Wellness products now in India

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LYEF Wellness, a nutraceutical product and services brand, has announced its launch in the Indian market. Using a combination of unique ingredients and centuries of Ayurvedic expertise, LYEF wellness has introduced a range of innovative food supplements. It also provides online Ayurvedic consultation through its panel of expert Ayurveda practitioners.

Committed to promoting natural healing & health based on the ancient secrets of Ayurveda, LYEF wellness has come up with a product range encompassing immune health, digestive health, weight management, skin health, diabetes management and bone & joint health. Its products cater to ever-evolving nutritional needs with changing lifestyles and life stages.

Talking about the venture, Ms Dharmishtha Goenka, Founder-CEO, of LYEF Wellness said, “Our fast-paced life has resulted in negligence of our nutritional needs and an increased dependency on medicines. And with various fad diet trends, there is no right guidance to bring back the balance to the lifestyle. So, at LYEF Wellness, we wanted to create a platform to take people on a health journey towards a healthy destination. We do this by offering products based on 5000-year-old knowledge of healing humans through Ayurveda, which helps to inculcate an organic way of lifestyle in the form of easy hack food supplies.”

LYEF formulations follow the ancient scripts as laid down by our ancestors which include a lot of rigid manual processes that are fully environmentally sustainable, potent and hence highly effective.


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