Why do some people feel more heat?

 Why do some people feel more heat?

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It is often observed that not only children but also adults fall ill due to the heat during the summer season. The intense heat of June can be quite harmful to health. According to Dr SA Rehman (General Physician) from Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences (NIIMS) Hospital, there are several reasons why some people feel more heat:

  • Eating food made with too much oil and spices can internally increase our body temperature, causing us to sweat more and feel hotter.

  • Stress has become a common issue among working people, but did you know that stress can also raise our body temperature? This happens because our autonomic nervous system gets activated, increasing blood circulation and making us feel hotter.

  • Staying in the sun for too long can raise our body temperature, making us feel hotter. The humidity in the summer can also cause the air to become warm, increasing the chances of feeling more heat.

  • Doing excessive physical work can also increase body heat. Due to dehydration, the lack of fluids in the body can cause inflammation, reducing our body’s ability to maintain temperature and making us feel hotter.

  • Some people have heat-sensitive bodies, which can be a genetic trait, causing them to feel more heat. Additionally, sitting in air-conditioned environments can be a factor because our bodies may not be able to instantly adapt to the heat when we step outside, causing us to feel more heat.

To protect the body from heat, we should eat green vegetables to stay hydrated, increase our water intake as much as possible, avoid going outside in the afternoon, and soak our feet in cold water for a while to keep the body cool. Wear light clothing and use sunglasses to allow air circulation and maintain body temperature.


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