TOP 5 Hacks to tackle shoe-blues

 TOP 5 Hacks to tackle shoe-blues

Team L&M

We tell you the shoe problems and their remedies

Problem: You love your pointed-toe shoes but these hurt your toes no end.
Remedy: Take two plastic zippouches and fill them with water. Then place one inside each shoe and put the shoes in a freezer for about 12 hours.

Problem: The shoe is giving your sore heels and blisters.
Remedy: Take a roll-on deodorant and rub it on your heels, and say bye-bye to blisters.

Problem: The new flat shoes feel very tight.
Remedy: Put on some thick socks and wear your shoes. Now take a hair-dryer and blow dry the areas that feel tight.

Problem: The lovely white suede shoe that is your favourite has got some scuffs.
Remedy: Take an eraser and rub it over the scratches and voila there are no marks left on them.

Problem: The elegant white soles of your sports shoes has dulled and darkened with time.
Remedy: Clean the soles using a mixture of baking soda and washing powder and scrubbing with a toothbrush. The area becomes sparkling clean again.


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