How to survive delayed Menstruation Cycle Complexities

 How to survive delayed Menstruation Cycle Complexities

By Dr Rita Bakshi

A normal healthy menstruation cycle in a period repeats every 28 days, but for many women, their cycle keeps changing. Delayed menstruation cycle could mean that the body is entering menopausal transition. However, not every woman who suffers from delayed menstruation cycles is entering menopausal transition.
Women of all ages can suffer from delayed periods. If the irregular periods occur because of an underlying cause then it is crucial for you to consult your gynecologist. Proper treatment can be administered and it is always easier to cure an illness in its early stage.

Causes of Delayed Menstruation Cycles
Irregular periods can be due to many things. Your lifestyle choices, age, medication are some of the major reasons known for causing delayed periods. Teenagers who first start having periods also have delayed menstruation cycles which is okay for a couple of years but if the irregularities keep repeating as the woman gets older, then it can cause some serious complications.
While exercise can be good for the body, excessive exercise and dieting can cause delayed menstruation cycles. In some unfortunate cases, periods can also stop completely.
Chronic stress and misuse of birth control pills can cause irregular periods occasionally.
While there are many causes for irregular periods, the main worry is that it also signals the onset of various diseases like thyroid abnormality, polycyclic ovarian syndrome and metabolic syndromes including diabetes.

Ways to survive delayed menstruation cycles
The best way to survive or cure delayed periods is by prevention. While it may be quite impossible to prevent delayed periods that may be because of serious illnesses there are ways that can help you prevent the complexities that might arise due to irregular periods.
Relax yourself: Stress is one of the major causes of irregular periods. Your brain and body need rest and sleep isn’t enough. Make sure you take some time out for yourself. Try to incorporate healthy habits such as yoga or try to take up a new hobby like gardening, music, art and so on.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Changes in your lifestyle can affect your menstrual cycle. Hence, it’s important for women to maintain a good lifestyle. Good exercise, optimum sleep and a healthy nutritious diet can be very helpful. A healthy lifestyle will not only help you have healthy regular periods but it will also keep you safe from other illnesses.

There are various medications that have dangerous side effects. The major cause of delayed menstrual cycles in relation to medication is the abuse of birth control pills. Women use birth control pills heavily without understanding the damage it can cause. Not only can it cause irregular periods but it is also capable of endangering the health of the woman.

Meet your Gynecologist
If you suffer from delayed menstruation cycles for a while and see symptoms like heavy bleeding, unbearable pain and white discharge along with blood. Then, it’s time for you to make an appointment with your gynecologist. While these symptoms may only seem harmless or normal, they’re not. It’s always better for women to get regular check-ups irrespective of how healthy they might be.

Delayed menstruation cycles can signal the onset of various dangerous illnesses. It’s crucial for you to keep a record of your periods so that you know the consistency of your cycles. While these little preventive measures can be quite useful, irregular periods may also occur due to an underlying illness. Gynecologists have experience, knowledge and the right treatment for you. Make sure you meet yours today!

Dr Rita Bakshi is an IVF Specialist and Founder & Chairperson of the International Fertility Centre


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