HCG Cancer Centre launches home healthcare service for patients

 HCG Cancer Centre launches home healthcare service for patients

Venkateshwarlu Marapaka, Dr Suchitra Mehta

Team L&M

HCG Cancer Centre Nagpur has launched first of its kind home healthcare service-exclusively for cancer patients in Nagpur. The service was launched yesterday.

October being the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, hospital has also launched its unique portable breast cancer screening device EVA- Braster pro.

Speaking about the launch of these services, Cluster business head-Central India & COO of HCG Cancer Centre Nagpur Venkateshwarlu Marapaka says that home health is becoming an integral part of our healthcare system. “Studies have shown that patients recovering from illness, injury or surgical procedures, heal better when care is delivered at home. Home health allows patient to receive professional care in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. it provides personalised care which is delivered in the calming environment of your house and in the companionship of your family,” he adds.

Dr Ajay Mehta, Director & Head of Surgical Oncology, HCG Cancer Centre says that the new offering is designed to meet the needs of the patients by offering personalised care with higher sense of security, dignity, and independence.

The home health service by HCG is for the patients of all walk of life who are undergoing cancer treatment  from any of the healthcare facility of country, in first phase this service will cover Nursing Care-Long Term & Short term, Breast cancer Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening and Oral Cancer Screening with HCGs exclusive portable devices , Lab Test/Diagnostic at home- Home Sample Collection & Home Delivery of Medicines, in second phase it will be extended further to provide Skilled Caregiver, Pain Management, Rehabilitation Programme & Doctors visit.

Venkat reiterates that home health assures the family members that their loved ones are taken care of by skilled and trained professionals and provides benefits viz; comfort of your own home, complete privacy while screening of breast and women cancer, companionship of family members, assistance in activities of daily life, care by trained professionals, continual care.


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