Good health depends on diet and lifestyle

 Good health depends on diet and lifestyle

Sheela Seharawat

Health and lifestyle are very closely related to each other. Staying alive is living a life and the quality of life we live is our health. It is so said because the quality of lifestyle we maintain reflects the quality of our health. Good health is something which we cannot get by just thinking or imagining about it, it comes with a lot of discipline and commitment. We should learn to say yes to things that promotes food health and no to things that do the opposite.

Our lifestyle plays a major role in our health conditions. Lifestyle signifies the behaviour and activities that contributes to our daily living. It includes the work and activity we undertake, the food we eat, the drinks we consume, our behavioral patterns with our family, friends and colleagues and all that we do to live a day. There are certain aspects of our lifestyle like regular exercises, eating healthy foods and keeping away from mental stress keep our health in god conditions, whereas, lifestyle irregularities and mistakes like smoking, drinking, developing unhealthy food habits and sedentary life, all leads us towards an unhealthy being and taking us more close to diseases and health hazards.

There are many things that we can do to live and be healthy. Out of these many, the foremost and the most important aspect is our diet. Diet plays a major role in our good health. Eating a balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients is the key towards good health.

Listed here are some benefits that we can reap out of a good and healthy diet, which will lead us towards a healthy lifestyle:

Weight management: this is perhaps the biggest benefit that one can reap out of a balanced and healthy diet. Managing a right weight not only helps us stay trimmed and fit, but also helps us in keeping away from deadly lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and many more.

You feel better: once you are energetic, fit and look good, it does a lot of good to your confidence and behaviour. It keeps you relaxed and stress free, you feel light and involving. You will find yourself more social and find more time for your family and friends. When you are mentally fit, you get the whole world inclined towards you, and that’s the magic for staying healthy and feeling better.

You have more stamina: what we eat impacts our energy levels. Compare your days of having those burgers, doughnuts and sugary drinks with the now days of having healthy food. Which one of the two boost your energy and makes you revved up. Just imagine spending some valuable time with your kids in the evening after coming back from office, and all those moments that you have missed all these years.

You look better: a healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle which further contributes to an attractive and beautiful appearance. Although the fact is that looks is not everything, but if you get a glowing skin, shiny hairs and niche looks by the virtue of eating good and healthy, you should demand it.

These are the reasons that the right kind of diet is extremely important, your diet should include the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Sheela Sehravat is a dietician


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