Eat right for a healthy pregnancy

 Eat right for a healthy pregnancy


To bring a new life in this world is no less than a miracle. And to do so, a woman has to pass through a number of physical and psychological transformations. During this period, her health needs to be in perfect shape to ensure the health of the baby is perfect. With regular prenatal care, women who exercise daily and eat a balanced and nutritious diet are less likely to face complications during pregnancy. A balanced and nutritious diet is connected with a healthy birth weight, it reduces the risk of birth defects and good brain development.As a pregnant woman consumes nourishment for two humans, complete sustenance control is essential during this period. We suggest:
Iron intake should be enough for the baby in her womb. Deficiency of iron may lead to goitre. Iron is also responsible for hemoglobin levels in our body.

Sources Black grams, fortified cereals, dried fruits and lentils.
Calcium levels should always be well-maintained. It helps the baby grow a healthy heart, nerves and muscles as well as a normal heart rhythm and blood-clotting abilities.
Sources Dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt
Protein positively affects the growth of foetal tissue including the brain. It helps your breast and uterine tissues to grow during pregnancy and plays a role in your increasing blood supply.
Sources Raw paneer cubes, pulses, boiled chicken and tofu.
Folic Acid is a pregnancy superhero. Also known as vitamin B12, folic acid helps prevent serious birth defects in the spinal cord.

Sources Green leafy vegetables, cereals and citrus fruits.
Calories intake should be increased and one should eat more during pregnancy.
Sources Carbohydrates.

Emotional support
A woman undergoes innumerable changes during pregnancy so it becomes the duty of her partner to stand along with her. This is the period when she demands emotional support and it should be given to her. She should never feel lonely during pregnancy. She should stay happy throughout her gestational period as a congenial and happy atmosphere will result in a mentally healthy baby.

The writer is an M Sc student of Panjab University, Chandigarh



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