Do not drink directly from tin cans

 Do not drink directly from tin cans

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Be careful when you buy tin cans, either for coke, soda or any other food item. Do NOT drink or eat directly from these cans. For these may be infected and contain many pathogens. Sometime back, two persons admitted in the ICU of AIIMS Delhi, died. They had fallen sick after drinking cola from tin cans, without pouring it out in the glass, and soon developed fever. Before anything could be done, life ebbed out of them.
Later, examination found that the tin cans were infected with mice urine which the two drank and got infected. Doctors found they were suffering from leptospirosis.

Caused by Leptospira interrogans bacteria, leptospirosis is transmitted by animals, mainly rodents, either through direct contact with urine or through water or soil containing animal urine.
Rats, mice, and moles are important primary hosts but a wide range of other mammals, including dogs, deer, rabbits, cows, sheep and certain marine mammals carry and transmit the disease as secondary hosts. House-bound domestic dogs too can contract leptospirosis from licking the urine of infected mice in the house.

Humans get infected through contact with water, food, or soil that contains urine from these infected animals. This may happen by swallowing contaminated food or water or through skin contact. Leptospirosis is common among water-sport enthusiasts, especially surfers and whitewater paddlers, as prolonged immersion in water promotes the entry of the bacteria.
Leptospirosis may sometimes go undetected as the symptoms resemble those of flu, like headache, muscle pain and fever. If detected in time a person can be treated, but if not, it may lead to bleeding from the lungs or kidney failure.
So those who drink/eat packaged food be very, very careful.


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