What is Computer Vision Syndrome and how can you prevent it from happening

 What is Computer Vision Syndrome and how can you prevent it from happening

T Subhashi

Thanks to the online mode of work and learning, scores of people across the world are suffering from a number of eye and vision related problems like eye-strain, tired eyes, irritation, burning sensation, redness, blurred vision, double vision etc. Collectively called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain, it results from the prolonged use of computer, tablet, and cell phone. As per the data available, over 70 per cent people suffer from CVS. While it is easy to prevent and treatable when detected early, if ignored it can lead to reduced vision of eye and lead to other problems like migraine and spondylitis. Listed below are a few ways to prevent Digital Eye Strain:

Proper lighting
Neither dark nor too bright light is the key. Go for low-intensity bulbs/tubelights and keep the light source behind you. Even harsh sunlight is not good for working on screen or looking at it.

Adjust computer display/phone settings
Decrease the blue light configuration of LED and adjust brightness, contrast, colour and night vision for a strain-free work/ watch-time.

Go for eye glasses
If your job involves long hours of working on computers, shun the contact lenses. Glasses help keep the eyes moist.

Eat nutritious food
Take care that you include foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Citric Acid as these are healthy for eyes. A few example are fish, nuts and legumes and citrus fruits like orange, lime, tomato etc.

Moisten eyes
Moisten eyes regularly with water. Use an eye-drop regularly – consult your doctor for getting one, do NOT buy any eye drop on your own. Contrary to the normal belief eye drops should always be used after being recommended by eye specialists.

Have proper sleep
Proper, good night sleep is must for healthy eyes.

Say no to phone before sleep and after waking up
Using the phone at bed time is a strict no-no. Keep your phone away at least an hour before your bedtime. Also, do not look into it the moment you wake up. Give yourself an hour before you pick it up to look for your ‘good morning’ messages.

Do some exercises
After every 20 minutes of looking into the screen, look at a distant object for 20 secs. This exercise reduces eye fatigue.




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