Detect the risk of a future heart attack

 Detect the risk of a future heart attack

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We are well aware that calcium is an important component for our bones. But what we don’t know is that calcium can be an additional risk factor for heart diseases ie if they are in coronary arteries. In fact, it can even lead to a heart attack. To predetermine the risk of heart attacks, Coronary Calcium Scoring Test is an effective but simple process which detects the risk of future heart attacks.
Through this test, the amount of calcium in the coronary artery is determined via a specialised CT imaging – confirming the total area being occupied in the coronary artery by the calcium deposits and their density. The test enables a direct visualisation of the amount of calcium deposits in coronary arteries. A zero score means no calcium is seen, suggesting a low probability of heart attack during next decades. Higher the score, higher is the risk of a heart disease. A score of 100-300 means moderate risk, and a score higher than 400 may be an indicator of blockage in the coronary artery.
The doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute are emphasizing the importance of the Calcium Scoring Test. “A heart attack is a wakeup call for all of us. Especially for the younger generation, as deaths from heart disease are increasing in the country. Hence, calcium scoring is a newer method to predict the risk of heart attack in future and the purpose of detecting calcium in arteries is to customise the lifestyle and reduce this risk,” says Fortis Escorts Heart Institute chairman Dr Ashok Seth.
Calcium scoring test helps cardiologists to know the risk of heart disease for future, shares Dr Peeyush Jain, Director, Non- Interventional Cardiology and HOD – Preventive Health Check, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. “Moreover, it is painless, safe and carries low risk of side effects. Calcium scoring is a new method to fine-tune the risk and to devise methods to prevent further progression of blockages of arteries,” he says.


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