DLF Foundation joins ‘Mission Stop Dengue’

 DLF Foundation joins ‘Mission Stop Dengue’

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In a bid to spread awareness and combat dengue, DLF Foundation, a philanthropic arm of DLF Limited, has partnered with Medanta-The Medicity, Gurugram in the Mission Stop Dengue.
The Mission was launched on May 16, the National Dengue Day, while the DLF Foundation has entered the drive only now in the wake of monsoon season which is witnessing the onslaught of not only this disease but also other vector borne diseases as has been happening every year.
Last year, the city recorded a three-year high in the number of dengue cases, with the district health department registering 401 cases. In 2012, 375 cases were reported, while 175 were reported in 2013 and 86 in 2014.
This Mission will target all major localities of Gurgaon, including all residents, schools, colleges, villages and slums. As a part of the Mission, awareness campaigns will be conducted and people will be sensitized to take necessary precautions to combat trhe disease. Fever vans will be deployed to reach residents in the most affected areas.
“With approaching monsoon, dengue cases have been on the rise in the city. Our aim is to combat the its spread. I urge everyone to come forward in this mission to combat the disease which is entirely preventable,” said Mr. Vinay Sahni, CEO, DLF Foundation.
“This is a noble initiative aiming to make us aware about precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of dengue. We should take a lead in sensitizing oneself and the community about the disease,” said Mr. Mahesh Sinha, resident of Gurugram.


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