Consciously, be positive

 Consciously, be positive

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Are the current times haunting you? Are you rigged with constant fear? The fact that there is, till yet, no cure to the Chinese Virus, making you spend sleepless nights? Aren’t we all? But we must not let fear rule over us. It is difficult do that but therein lies the challenge – to rise over doubts and fears. This is the time when it is of utmost importance to keep ourselves strong, free of worry, clear of doubts, and have a rock solid faith that we will emerge winners. It is time to clear the collective consciousness of all negativities, and fill it with happy positive thoughts. Here is how you can do it:
Live in the moment
You must have heard this scores of times. And we all know this too, but too often we drift away, we spend much time worrying about future, we worry about things that have not happened, about things that may happen. Just think how many times has your fear been unfounded? So is there a point in wasting time thinking about things that you don’t know will happen? So?

Be in the present. Whatever be the reasons, the present time you have got with your family – your kids, your parents. Weren’t you too busy with your office routine to take some time out for simple chats? Weren’t all your offs and leaves about visiting a mall, a cinema hall, or watching TV (Well, TV you still can watch). You can even learn some new skills or read that book lying on your bedside table. Use this time to make memories so that tomorrow when all this is over you can look back and remember fondly. Perhaps God has given this time to you to bond with your family – to help you become the being He created.

Mark worry time
Keep some time aside for worry, and be over with it when time’s up. Consciously. It is not easy but isn’t impossible either. Also, slowly keep reducing this marked time, say, worry for 30 minutes in the first week, 15 minutes the following week and so on. Also use some of your worrying time to finding solutions. It will help greatly.
Surrender to the divine
Stop taking yourself to be the supreme. I know human beings are the most evolved beings, have the most developed brains but understand you are not supreme. There is a supreme power that governs the entire world, in fact, the universe, the galaxies. Surrender to Him, and have faith that He will pull you through.

Accept that you are just a cog in the wheel, not the whole wheel. Acceptance is the key. When you accept unwanted situations, these start resolving on their own, leading to peace. This is true of people as well.

Focus on positives and say thank you
Every situation, no matter how bad, difficult or unpleasant it seems has some amount of goodness in it. Focus on that, and express gratitude. Consciously shifting your attention from to lack to abundance, disease to good health will do a lot of good to the psyche.

Love yourself, have some me-time
Amid all the demands of the family and pressure of work don’t forget yourself. Keep some time aside to do things you love to do – it may be as simple as a chat with a friend, read a book, sing a song or dance a bit.


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