A movement to ensure complete well-being

 A movement to ensure complete well-being

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A new beginning was witnessed on the concluding day of Krishi and Wellness India 2018 Expo with the inauguration of WholeLeaves. A vision to bring the abundance of nature into human lives, WholeLeaves was inaugurated today by Exhibitions India Group chairman Prem Behl.

The whole green leaves already have established in-roads into our lives in numerous ways. However, in a desire to consume healthy the plant and plant products, the innocent consumers end-up settling for a reflexive use pattern, by becoming slaves to the transit system that hypes, promises, and presents distortion of facts suited for commercial gains than what it may actually proffer. Ironically, the complete array of knowledge of source, quality, quantity and preservation of active function remains elusive to even the most activated and informed consumers.

These are precisely the reasons for which WholeLeaves was conceived by two doctors. Having witnessed the range of medicines, treatments, and their horrendous side-effects, Dr Amitabh Dutta and Dr Shyama Nagarajan were determined not to rest till they had a viable, natural, unadulterated alternative for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. They realised early in their medical life that long-term cure and prevention of most of the ailments reside only in nature. Nature is bountiful, curative, healing yet so poorly utilised due to

  • Inadequate, inappropriate, and half-baked information around usages of the flora around us
  • Unavailability of plant products in pure form – The powdered form, tablets, oils, all these are susceptible to adulteration and usage of chemicals for fragrance and preservation

Triggered with a resolve to overcome these hindrances, they studied our scriptures and books on Ayurveda, research with botanists, dug out traditional knowledge around plant medicines in India, and visited the natural habitats of a range of plants across the length and breadth of our country to bring out:

  • Authentic product in their pristine form – their leaves are dried whole leaves that do not have any preservative, adulteration, or added flavors.
  • Brought from the appropriate sources, harvested at the right time to preserve the active ingredients to have the required efficacy
  • Extensive and accurate information around usages of the leaves, how to harness those, how not to use it, how to preserve its potency to the longest, and a host of other aspects related to each leaf in its natural form.

To create innate assurance and promise among the niche and common consumers, the WholeLeaves aligns with its philosophy of ‘source-to-soul’ by aggressive, timely, and responsible handling of the source, the supply lines, transit gaps, to ensure that the packaged WholeLeaves  product  reaches and enriches individual’s soul to ensure what we believe: Sarve Bhawantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramayah!


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