Boosting immune system must to avoid illness, say healthcare experts

 Boosting immune system must to avoid illness, say healthcare experts

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With the paramount objective to cascade awareness and disseminate knowledge about immune system, to lead a healthier, happier, and prosperous life, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), an apex business body, organised a webinar on Immune System – In Health & Diseases.

The webinar, a part of ASSOCHAM’s Illness to Wellness series, highlighted the importance of the immune system in the body that protects from infections and diseases.

The immune system’s role is to protect the body from pathogenic germs. Its purpose is to maintain our health. The body’s defense against disease is provided by the immune system, a vast and intricately interwoven network of numerous organs, cells, and proteins.

Initiating the webinar, Chairman of the ASSOCHAM CSR Council Anil Rajput, said, “The immune system is an essential component for our health and a part of our body’s fundamental system involved in prevention, recovery, and rebuilding.”

Highlighting that good health is a journey, Rajput said, “Boosting body’s natural immune system through healthy living strategies to fight any kind of diseases is critical and can only happen when we educate and train our future generations to have healthy lifestyles.”

Diabetologist Dr NK Singh, Physician Director, Diabetes and Heart Research Centre, Dhanbad focused on respecting your circadian rhythm. “Paying attention to wellness is a key to avoid illness and lead a healthy life,” he said.

Dr Monica Bambroo, Head, Dermatology & Cosmetology at Artemis Hospitals, Gurugram remarked that the skin is an organ that harbours several types of immune cells that participate in innate and adaptive immune responses. “The immune system of the skin comprises both skin cells and professional immune cells. A lot more goes on inside the skin than we know, and skin is not just a barrier, it is the largest organ,” she added.

Manipulation of immune system is reshaping the clinical disciplines said Dr Anupam Sharma Consultant, Hemat-Oncologist Fortis International Oncology Centre, Noida.Haematology, Bone marrow transplant, CAR-T therapies are the prime example of how rapidly the immunology is moving towards the bedside and making big changes in the standard of care and treatment landscape in the medical field,” he said.

Dr Rajesh Kesari, the Founder-Director of Total Care Control in Delhi-NCR moderated the discussion and also gave suggestions to improve the immune system by including balanced diet, simple food habits, Vitamin C and D, zinc, iron and have a proper sleep for optimum health.


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