Seminar on importance of maintaining good bone and joint health

 Seminar on importance of maintaining good bone and joint health

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To commemorate the Bone and Joint Week 2022, ASSOCHM CSR Council held a webinar on “Moving well, living well”. The Bone and Joint Week is observed in the third week of October every year. The webinar, organized under the Illness to Wellness Campaign of ASSOCHAM, was to raise public awareness and disseminate comprehensive knowledge about bones and joints, important for both structural support and general movement. These days, all age groups, especially the elderly, are affected by the issue of joint discomfort and weak bones. One of the most prevalent issues impacting people is backache.

In his opening remarks, ASSOCHAM CSR Council Chairperson Anil Rajput said, “Our bones are one of the most critical components in the body and we must take good care of ourselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle by having an ideal weight, keeping active and consuming a balanced diet for sound bone health.”

India is home to around 139 million people aged 60 years and above and the number is projected to increase to 319 million by 2050. “Given the burgeoning population in this age group, we must create awareness on ailments affecting bones and joints and ways to prevent them,” he added.

Dr Ramkinkar Jha, Chief & Unit Head, Orthopaedics (Unit-III), Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, said a diet high in vitamin D, eggs, cheese, soy, omega 3 fatty acids, fish, and protein leads to good bone strength. He also said changing one’s lifestyle and losing weight helps prevent minor injuries. Getting a bone density test is a must to find out if you have osteoporosis, a condition marked by more brittle and easily broken bones, he remarked.

The main cause of decreased bone density, according to Dr Mukesh Shanker, Clinical Consultant, Fortis Hospital Noida, is low calcium consumption. He continued by saying that in order for muscles, tendons, and nerves to work effectively, bones must maintain the body’s structural integrity – 90 per cent of calcium is stored in bones for additional bodily functions.


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