Becoming positive and optimistic is easy

 Becoming positive and optimistic is easy

Do you often ponder how to get energy and positivity 24/7?

A simple exercise based on gravity mechanics an infill your body and mind with lots of power and energy round the clock

Sanjay Mittal

All of us know the importance of being optimistic and energetic. In fact, our teachers, parents and friends constantly instruct us to be so. Then there are thousands of messages that we receive on social media tell us this too. With the pandemic seemingly in recession, optimism is needed like never before. Many people have lost a lot in this period while there have been some winners too as the boom in the stock markets and real estate indicate. Whatever be your current state, you need to be positive and optimistic like never before.

How do we practically do this?
Jeevan Dhara 3, an exercise that I created using gravity biomechanics, will help you achieve this rather simply. We will target our mind and infuse it with ideas as we exercise so that the feeling of positivity and optimism remains with you throughout the day. The basis of this is rising up and going down using gravity in a positive way to get energy and mental strength. At the end of it, the positive idea you choose will stay with you 24/7.
So let me explain this in easy language. Gravity, like electromagnetism and nuclear forces, is a basic dimension of which creation is a base.
When we lie down in our bed to go to sleep, we do so because gravity makes us settle down in a comfortable manner. When we get up, we strengthen ourselves against gravity to rise up. Similarly, when we breathe in, we rise slightly against the gravitational pull of the earth and when we breathe out, the gravitational force lets us settle down. During this cycle, there are countless other body processes on. Like blood circulation, digestion and your thought process and so many more. We exist because of gravity and not vice versa.
We will focus on our thought process for this exercise.

Jeevan Dhara 3 Steps

This is a five-part exercise. We will do the first part today 

1)  Pick up a simple doable positive idea that you can think of as you do this exercise. It really has to be your own choice, derived out of your current life experience. However, as an example, I am giving some ideas that you can use but you have to frame your own target idea.

2) Express your idea in a single sentence. The key here are the first two words “I will”.


Here goes a sample list for students:

— I will follow a planned timetable today

— I will balance my academics and sports/other activities today

— I will be strong and tackle all situations coolly


A general list of ideas for students, working people and adults. Here is a list you can extend infinitely. Pick up one idea for today.

— I will be strong and positive even in difficult situations.

— I will remain focused on my target today and ever after.

— I will resolve conflicts in my life with a positive attitude.

— I will find a way to make my business profitable.

— I will eat healthy, breathe well and keep fit.

— I will remain cool even if things go wrong and find a way out.

— I will do that work today which I have been postponing.

You can now pick up any one of the ideas. You can also make your own target idea. Now, think of the idea that suits you. You could say, “I will handle the day with positive energy and optimism” or any other idea.

Once you have selected your idea, stand up in the most comfortable position. This way our entire body comes into play and oxygen saturation of all our cells takes place efficiently. So stand up with your legs about a foot apart and palms open.

As you breathe out, your body will sink just a bit because of the gravity pull of the earth  on you. Your feet go down and fists close

Then you lift yourself up, counteracting this gravitational force to breathe in. Your palms open up. Your chest expands in a 3 degree axis from inside and outside.

By repeating this movement, we create a gravity based rhythm while breathing in and breathing out

Model giving a demo

After choosing your target idea for the day, think about it with every cycle of breathing in and rising up.  As you breathe out, relax and let your body sink just a bit.  Then as you lift your body again to breathe in, think and say to yourself silently, “I will handle the day with positive energy and optimism.”

Repeat this cycle 20 times. A cycle of breathing in, rising up with the thought of positive energy and optimism. Then relaxing and breathing out and sinking in just a bit.

You can look at this video of Jeevan Dhara 1 that explains this full body motion in some detail. We have just added a thought of energy and optimism to the process of getting high oxygen levels as explained in this video.

This creates a suction and blowing movement inside the lungs. Since we are using the body end parts like palms, feet and your head and oxygen gets sucked all over your body very efficiently. And carbon dioxide is blown out from your body. When we think of attaining positive energy and optimism while doing this, you will actually start getting energetic and feel optimistic.

If you look at the diagram showing the lungs, the alveoli where air interacts with your blood take in oxygen into arteries and blow out carbon dioxide from the veins

Quite magically, the feel of being optimistic and energetic will seem to flow into each cell of your body. Almost as if the thought of being energetic and optimistic precedes any other thought which comes into your mind. This is quite simply the magic of life. In many ways the glory of mind controlling your body!

Do this about 15 times and after you finish, just relax. Carry on some other exercise. Do your work, or just about anything. The overwhelming feeling of positive optimism will stay with you throughout the Day.  You will get a glow in your body, and have a direction to your thoughts.

The beauty of Jeevan Dhara 3 is that you can do this in any position. Sitting, standing, lying down or even walking.  You have to do it to get the benefits. It is easy. Whenever you feel your energy level or optimism going down during the day, you can do it again.

This was the first part of Jeevan Dhara 3. In the next article, I will post the second part. Possibly a youtube video on how to do it. There are five stages of Jeevan Dhara 3. The final stage is what I call the grandmaster stage where you will be able to train your mind to tackle complex issues.

Do also see the video. It is about how to get clean lungs and high oxygen levels to combat Covid. However, the process and exercise for getting positivity is something similar.

Good positivity till then!


The author is an engineer from the Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU).  He is a builder and has written two books. The second one, 2040:The battle for life, is slated to be released by the 2021-end.  He spends considerable time researching about gravity biomechanics along with his team and runs a fitness company, He can be contacted at [email protected] 


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