How balancing the body’s energy systems can contribute to holistic well-being

 How balancing the body’s energy systems can contribute to holistic well-being

Harsiddhi Pancholi

In today’s world, where productivity is seen as the end goal of life, stress and anxiety have become a huge part of our lives. Everyone is busy running the rat race and is eager to get ahead of each other, forgetting the importance of interconnectedness of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. In this context, there is an urgent need for a holistic upgrade to our lives; this can be achieved by harnessing the modalities of holistic healing using energy to restore balance to the body’s energy systems.

True healing begins from within. Using approaches outlined in the The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and Space Energy Clearing, healers/practitioners can provide comprehensive therapy that addresses underlying energy imbalances which lead to physical ailments, emotional distress and spiritual disconnection.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, an internationally-renowned teacher and healer pioneered The Emotion Code, a modality that releases trapped emotions which cause disruptions in the energy flow of the body. These trapped emotions can then result in physical discomfort, chronic pain, or emotional distress, which prevents us from living life to the fullest. The Emotion Code uses gentle techniques like muscle testing and intuitive channeling to spot and release these emotional blocks, which in turn gives way to complete healing and emotional catharsis.

The Body Code is a similar modality that uses a distinct approach to correct imbalances within the body’s energy systems. The balance of the body is restored by investigating and rectifying issues in areas such as circuits of power, toxicity, pathogens, and inconsistencies in structures to foster overall well-being. Whether it is chronic pain, fatigue or digestive matters that need attention, The Body Code offers a complete and effective solution that identifies the root cause of diseases, rather than simply treating and/or eliminating symptoms.

Space Energy Clearing is another effective healing mechanism that offers a slightly different perspective on wellness. It recognises that the environment we are in can have an effect on our energy field too. Just think about it for a second – If our bodies can become energetically congested, so can the places we live or work in! Space Energy Clearing focuses specifically on pushing out negative energy, emotional residue, and energetic imprints which can gather in our surroundings for a long time. This creates stagnant energy which is not good for our mental or physical wellness. Through Space Energy Clearing, it is possible to cleanse and purify the spaces we occupy, and create a harmonious, healthy environment that helps promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

These holistic healing modalities are remarkably different from the conventional kind where the patient hardly has any say in the path of treatment being undertaken. They are instead about empowering individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Modern medicine often lacks the understanding that physical healing is not enough; there is a need to inculcate emotional liberation and spiritual awakening as well.

People who suffer from pain especially, have known to benefit immensely from energy healing, which falls under Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). They often report feeling that they have achieved a renewed sense of vitality in their lives. Approximations indicate that in developing nations, about four-fifth still practice complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) as a major curative option. CAM is an umbrella term for various non-conventional medical practices including; using it to have more control over treatment, acquiring a holistic health approach or combining both traditional medicine and western medicine for better management of certain illnesses. In India especially, CAM has been well embraced due to some cultural factors associated with it and its benefits seen by users.

It is easy to ignore and de-prioritise health and well-being in these modern times. But doing so makes us more prone to diseases, affects our mental health negatively and throws off our spiritual alignment, putting us on a path of self-destruction. Always remember, health is wealth.

Sufferers of chronic pain, emotional trauma, or spiritual disconnection, can benefit from a team of experienced practitioners, who are trained to guide you every step of the way. Through a combination of Emotion Code, Body Code, and Space Energy Clearing, they can offer a holistic approach to wellness that caters to the needs of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. This can renew your overall outlook on life, and contribute to success, harmony and peace.

Harsiddhi Pancholi is Founder, MpowerU Wellness


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