Interactive and exclusive non-allopathic digital platform to be launched

 Interactive and exclusive non-allopathic digital platform to be launched

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To communicate with patients and generate recommendations with supplements suggestions and lifestyle instructions (diet & yoga), an interactive and exclusive non-allopathic digital platform, LYBL, will soon be launched. Founded by Delhi-raised Sachin Nayyar, who is residing in Los Angeles now, LYBL mobile app will soon be on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Says Nayyar, “The mission of LYBL is to improve the health of the community in a digital way. Our app will understand one’s disease through interaction, prescribe treatment procedures, and suggest supplements, which are produced by us.”

LYBL is going to change the way healthcare getting delivered to masses via technology, data and platforms driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The startup, which has presence at Gurugram in Haryana and head-quartered in Los Angeles, is deeply rooted in traditional medicinal systems and an in-depth knowledge of the patient is needed to prescribe treatment.

More than 50 Ayurveda doctors have been hired to strengthen the framework of supplements, diet and Yoga to drive AI systems. Besides, live consultation video call facility with experts will also be available on the app.


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