Are you sleeping on the right bed, after all?

 Are you sleeping on the right bed, after all?

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We all know the importance of sleep. Don’t we? And we take so many precautions to get a good night’s sleep. Right! But how many of us give a thought to the bed? How many of us think if we do not get good sleep at night or if we wake up tired with a stiff neck or back or even in the spirit, one of the reasons could be the structure and composition of bed or the mattress!

Well I, for one, never thought on these lines. I was fine as long as the mattress is made of either cotton or coir. But not anymore. Thanks to Hästens, I now know there is a lot more that goes into making a comfortable bed than what I thought all these years. This includes exact needle placement, distance between each seam as well as the number of layers of horsehair, wool, cotton and linen.

Hästens recently launched its limited edition design, the Blue Check Anniversary Bed, recently. Since its debut 40 years ago, the blue check has become synonymous with Hästens’ craftsmanship and quality. Although, Hästens’ beds are available in 10 different fabric and color options, nearly 70 per cent of buyers go for its blue check.

“The way these beds are made aids in better sleep. And with good sleep comes improved immunity and overall good health and well-being,” shares Hästens country manager Asim Afsar. “We don’t realise but about one-third of our life is spent on bed (while we are sleeping), so it is important that the bed is not just comfortable but also supports the body,” he adds.

Interestingly, the company allows the customers to lie on the bed, spend as much time as he/she feels like before going ahead with the purchase. From Rs 4.89 lakh onwards, these beds come with a 25 year warranty, are available in six different options and two different firmness and can also be customised.

Hästens runs back through six generations. It started in the Swedish town Köping, where the beds still are being made. The history goes from the roots as master saddlers to being Royal purveyors, a journey filled with passion, skill and pursuit of making the best handcrafted beds in the world. The master traditions are proudly carried by Hästens fifth generation’s owner and chairman, Jan Ryde.

All the beds are made with the finest craftsmanship, by using only the best natural materials. There is an enormous amount of work and research tucked into each bed, and the beds are still handcrafted with the same natural material as when the first beds were made, over 160 years ago.

Each and every material has been selected for a purpose, all to help you get a high-quality sleep and to be the best version of yourself, every day.

All the beds are made of horsetail hair, which transport moisture so that your body can regulate the temperature around it, cotton and wool, which contribute to an optimal sleeping climate, so that you fall asleep faster, flax, which diverts and prevents static electricity from occurring, and also provides a quiet sleep environment and the slow growing northern pine, which gives stability that lasts for generations.


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