Analyse the past, foresee the future and plan the present

 Analyse the past, foresee the future and plan the present

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In our fast-paced lives and individual ventures to fulfill our respective goals, we are subjecting ourselves to immense stress, thereby degrading the value of our life. To combat this, a day-long session on stress and depression-free living through yoga and meditation was presented by Master Shiv.

During this one-day session at The Hotel Oakland in Nehru Enclave, New Delhi, Master Shibsankar Bhattacharyya (fondly called Master Shiv) enlightened individuals on how to manage their stress levels and heal their depression through a combination of holistic and alternative healing using spiritual meditation techniques. This programme is tailormade to reduce stress levels and provide positive guidance and direction across all walks of life transcending geographical boundaries.

Tried and tested, spiritual programme for ages, focusses on regulating, controlling and eradicating causes which entail us to get stressed and depressive through in-person simulations. The unique feature of Master Shiv’s programme was learning the process of analysing the past, foresee the future and plan the present.

Yogasanas, initiation on transcendental meditation, discourses and question and answer sessions and individual and peer feedback, group sessions and individual sessions were part of the programme.


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