Xplore Lifestyle launches smart respiratory training device, Airofit ACTIVE

 Xplore Lifestyle launches smart respiratory training device, Airofit ACTIVE

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Xplore Lifestyle, the futuristic Medtech solutions provider, has come up with Airofit ACTIVE, a lighter version of its iconic predecessor Airofit PRO. It is especially customised for sporting performance.

With simple training guidance offered by the device and in a matter of mere three sessions, a sportsperson can train himself in vastly improving his breathing methods and capacity and therefore elevating his sporting performance. The device can help athletes and sportspersons of all kinds of sports, whether it is individual sports that require specific individualised training and practice, or team sports which may require a combination of general and individualised training. It has been estimated that training with this device four minutes a day has the same effect as a 53-minute VO2 max workout twice a week would have on endurance athletes!

Providing adjustable resistance levels, the device not only enables the athlete to train in a flexible manner depending on his original breathing style and capacity, but also allows him to keep a track of historical data thereby helping him to make incremental improvements. At the same time, the device also helps athletes in non-sporting spheres and promotes overall well being, alleviating stress, improving quality of sleep and boosting the immune system.

“We all know that breathing correctly and continuously for long can play an incredible role in the way athletes perform and excel in their events and activities. While skills and artistry particular to a game is important enough, the role of breathing comfortably and long enough without being fatigued prematurely is no less critical to the over all performance of an athlete,” says Mr Pankaj Balwani, the founder & CEO of Xplore Lifestyle.

“For a high-performing athlete requiring high energy for his muscles, the energy produced by regularly breathed oxygen is not enough. The device prepares the athlete’s muscles to get used to and work in an oxygen-deprived environment thereby developing prolonged ability to perform at high intensities for longer periods. This means along with improving respiratory strength as well as increasing accessible lung capacity, it also boosts his anaerobic threshold,” he adds.


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