AayushBharat Sehat Helpline launched

 AayushBharat Sehat Helpline launched

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AayushBharat has launched AayushBharat Sehat Helpline, an innovative platform designed to enhance access to Ayush healthcare solutions. This helpline, +919376092000, aims to offer comprehensive support and guidance to individuals seeking natural and holistic health remedies.

Expressing enthusiasm about the launch, AayushBharat CEO Vaibhav Jain said, “The launch of AayushBharat Sehat Helpline marks a significant milestone in our commitment to democratizing access to Ayush healthcare. Our vision is to empower individuals with natural and holistic remedies, fostering a healthier lifestyle for everyone. This initiative is just the beginning of our journey to revolutionise healthcare accessibility through Ayush. We are dedicated to continually innovating and expanding our services, ensuring that Ayush healthcare is readily available to all, promoting a healthier, more balanced world.”

The AayushBharat Sehat Helpline is a one-stop destination catering to various healthcare needs:
Expert Practitioner Consultation: Individuals can now access expert practitioners for personalized consultations, gaining insights and advice on Ayush therapies and treatments.
Home Remedies: Seekers of home remedies can now acquire valuable information and guidance on natural solutions for common health concerns.
AYUSH Product Knowledge: The platform offers in-depth information about Ayush products, their benefits, and their applications in promoting well-being.
Ordering Ayush Products: Users have the convenience of ordering Ayush products through this helpline, ensuring easy access to quality herbal remedies.
Tele Consultation Booking: Booking tele consultations with Ayush practitioners is made effortless, allowing individuals to seek remote medical advice conveniently.


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