Unveiling the 2023 Festive Food Trends: What is India cooking at home?

 Unveiling the 2023 Festive Food Trends: What is India cooking at home?

Mahek Mody

Any festive season conversation would be incomplete without a deep dive into the world of food. As we enter the 2023 festive season, India’s culinary scene showcases a fascinating fusion of tradition, innovation, and conscientious selections. According to our Food Trends Report, derived from an extensive dataset featuring 3000 households and over 15,000 cooking sessions on delishUp⤴️ —India’s first AI-enabled Smart Cooking Device— across 11 cities, we have noticed that the following four food trends are prominently shaping the dining experiences of the nation.

Conscious Eating: A Shift Towards Mindful Indulgence
|The concept of conscious eating is gaining momentum in India.  In a country where Diwali and Durga Puja often turns kitchens into a flurry of fried snacks and sugary treats, more people are realising the importance of balance. A handful of thoughtfully prepared, delicious snacks can be just as satisfying as an overload of treats – Beetroot Halwa is replacing the suji variant, Lauki Kheer is making a comeback and so are traditional desserts with far less sugar in them.

Desserts Are Timeless Classics
No Indian festival is complete without a sweet touch, and this year is no exception. Classic desserts like Rice Kheer, Vermicelli Payasam and mithais like Kalakand continue to reign supreme. These timeless treats are steeped in tradition and evoke nostalgia with each bite. They are a reminder of the deep-rooted connection between food and culture, a connection that remains unshaken despite the passage of time.

Experimentation in the Kitchen: Where Tradition Meets Innovation
With the rise of artificial intelligence and technology in our daily lives, the kitchen has become a playground for culinary experimentation. People are no longer content with tried and tested recipes; they’re eager to bring more variety to their table. In this age of food influencers and digital cooking channels, dishes like the whimsical Harry Potter Butterbeer, Pepsi Chicken, and Vegan versions of recipes have found their place on the dining table. From exotic ingredients to fusion cooking, experimentation is the order of the day. While tradition remains at the heart of Indian cooking, innovation is adding exciting new dimensions to our culinary journey.

Restaurant-Style Dining at Home
The desire for restaurant-style food has never been stronger. People are bringing the flavours of their favourite eateries into their own kitchens, making them healthier and adding their own spin on it. From fusion Asian to authentic biryanis, the home kitchen is now the hub of restaurant-inspired creations.

In conclusion, India’s 2023 festive food trends showcase a blend of tradition, innovation, and mindfulness. People are choosing to savour their meals, celebrate with timeless desserts, explore new cuisines, and bring the restaurant experience to their homes. This fusion of old and new, of indulgence and restraint, exemplifies the diverse and dynamic nature of India’s culinary scene. As we celebrate our festivals, we also celebrate the rich tapestry of flavours that make our nation’s cuisine truly extraordinary.

Mahek Mody is CEO & Co-Founder, Up⤴️


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