Starbucks launches two of its 24-hour stores, in Calicut and Chennai

 Starbucks launches two of its 24-hour stores, in Calicut and Chennai

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Tata Starbucks Private Limited has launched two of its 24-hour stores (Non-Airport) in Chennai and Calicut. “Since its inception in 2012, Tata Starbucks has had an incredible journey in India, and we are proud to have achieved yet another milestone. The opening of our first two 24X7 stores showcases our commitment to evolving our brand and business in India and providing new and meaningful experiences to our customers,” says Sushant Dash, CEO, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. The stores are a fusion of the Starbucks’ signature design and the city’s local culture and craftsmanship, serving as an extension of the neighborhoods served.

The Calicut store translates as a beach house integrating into the Calicut Beach. The classic Starbucks Siren represents bringing coffee life from the ocean to this location, adapting to the local culture by presenting elements like Kerala-style mural and metallurgy.

Taking cues from the local culture and nuances, the Chennai store brings a home-like feeling to the consumers. The new 24-hour store uniquely features traditional Chettinad architecture with big spaces and stunning ceramic tiles. The space is an indigenous blend of traditional, intricate Indian architecture and stunning European artwork.


Tata Starbucks is also bringing a new cup size to these stores with Picco, giving new and first-time coffee drinkers a chance to sip and savor their favorite beverage along with local additions such as the all-new filter coffee, masala chai, cardamom chai, milkshakes, freshly assembled sandwiches, bite-sized and shareable food items. The all-new food menu will feature Pesto & Mozzarella Sandwich in Panini, Bhuna Chicken Puff, Hazelnut Triangle, Chocolate Éclair, Egg White & Chicken in Multigrain Croissant, Red Velvet & Orange Cake, Chilli Cheese Toast and Butter Croissant.

Customers can also relish the limited-time seasonal offerings like Belgium Chocolate Latte, Salted Dark Caramel Latte (available in Hot, Iced and Frappuccino® variants), Mango on the Beach Frappuccino®, Cold Brew with Tonic Water, Cold brew with Ginger Ale and Mango Milkshake. This is besides the all-time favourites such as Java Chip Frappuccino®, Cafe Mocha, Signature Hot Chocolate and Caramel Macchiato.


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