Something’s Brewing owes its evolution to coffee enthusiasts, says Abhinav Mathur

 Something’s Brewing owes its evolution to coffee enthusiasts, says Abhinav Mathur

Something’s Brewing CEO Abhinav Mathur

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Something’s Brewing, a first of its kind ecommerce platform dedicated to coffee, stemmed from the trends witnessed during the lockdown wherein coffee took center stage and people started recreating their cafe related memories within the comforts of their own homes.
Since its inception in 2020, the brand has evolved, excelled and expanded to cater to coffee enthusiasts through coffee equipment, coffee products, training and conversations that brings the coffee community closer. The country’s first and only true ‘home of coffee’, Something’s Brewing aims to address the need gap of coffee lovers and home brewers by offering coffee gears, accessories, know-how as well as building a coffee lovers community. In conversation with Life & More, Abhinav Mathur, CEO, Something’s Brewing, tells more:

What triggered the launch of Something’s Brewing?
All the members of the founding team come from the coffee industry and we have been tracking the evolution of coffee culture through the multiple new specialty café chains and roasters getting launched during the past three years. With better coffee available outside home, many consumers are turning home brewers to experiment with different national and international coffees. This trend (of home cooking and home brewing) accelerated during the pandemic.
Let’s not forget that coffee is a $4-5Bn and growing market in India. Even the online coffee market is estimated to grow from $30Mn to $200Mn in the next three years. This presents a huge opportunity for Somethings Brewing, which aims to be the default destination for All Things Coffee online.

What about the market competition?
We are one of a kind ecommerce platform dedicated to specialty coffee – having the widest range we do not see anyone as a competition as of now due to widest and unique products, coffee gear, coffee, know-how around coffee etc that we offer.

You also hold training and masterclasses…
Ya. We work on creating new and engaging interactive sessions constantly to explain all aspects of coffee brewing, provide access to new coffee launches and deliver insights directly from coffee estates, roasters and product innovators to home brewers. Our community building through workshops at corporate offices and cafes alike, trainings, contests and online engagement gets discussions going and get consumers emotionally connected with the coffee tribe and by association our brand.
Some of our popular programs are:
BYOB (Be Your Own Barista) where you get to brew café like coffee with us
One-on-one training sessions with our team
Corporate workshops around coffee brewing: both offline and online
Roaster of the day: Where we feature specialized Roasters and their brews
Comparison sessions for various types of brewing methods: Pour-over, Aeropress, French Press, Espresso, and even cooler methods like Cold Brew and Syphon, and many more. The encouraging thing is the number of participants at the workshops is growing.

What kind of growth have you seen in the number of home brewers?
Home brewing culture is picking up and people are curious to experiment with various permutations and combinations of coffees and brewing techniques. Millennials in the country are at the forefront of coffee culture. They are willing to spend anywhere between Rs. 500-800 for a good cup of coffee and invest in quality gear to brew coffee at home.

What are some of your best-selling products?
That would be Espresso Machines and Coffee Grinders. We have close to 20 different espresso machine choices for coffee lovers ranging in price from as low as 20K to premium machines which sell for Rs 3.5lakh. Purely by volume, the best-selling products are the Budan Mokapot, the Finum One-Cup Coffee Set and the Wacaco Nanopresso for the travel enthusiasts!



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