INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY Organic India launches four tea infusions for summers

 INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY Organic India launches four tea infusions for summers

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On the International Tea Day (May 21) today, Organic India organized a tea-tasting session while it launched its four new flavours for the summer season – Tulsi Peppermint Refresh, Tulsi Detox Kahwa, Moringa & Hibiscus and Simply Chamomile.

“Organic India began as a Tulsi Tea company over two decades back but over the years we have added many new tea flavours besides herbal formulations and packaged food items,” says Akila Chandrasekar CMO Organic India, adding that the best thing about Organic India is that each ingredient in each product is purely organic, and the herbs are grown using ancient Ayurvedic bio-regenerative methods to maximize efficiency. “Even our herbal formulations are pure whole herbs, not extracted or concentrated ones, which means these are totally safe to use,” she adds.

Know what she has to say more about the Organic India here.

“Moringa & Hibiscus and Simply Chamomile can also be had cold form,” says Amrita Pandey, Nutritionist, Trainer at Organic India, “the recipe is simple, just make it like you make a hot infusion, let it cool for 15 minutes and then refrigerate for an hour.” She also informs that Moringa & Hibiscus tastes good with a bit honey though one can have it without honey as well.

These antioxidants and nutrient-rich teas surely aid in health and overall well-being.

Have Simply Chamomile Tea when you feel stressed out. Its other benefits include it is anti-inflammatory, helps reduce cold and cough, improves digestion and improves sleep quality.

Hibiscus & Moringa Tea is also rich in antioxidants and a good source of iron and Vitamin C and helps controls blood pressure and boost metabolism.

If you suffer from frequent cold, make Tulsi Peppermint Tea your friend. Not only does it help fight the common cold but also helps in boost memory and brain function, and is great for tackling the stubborn headaches.

The Tulsi Kahva Tea comes mixed with Himalayan Rock Salt and hence is a bit salty. Those of you who patronize the Kashmiri Detox Kahwa may be a little disappointed with the taste, but you cannot dispute its health benefits. Best to have as a hot tea, it also contains ginger, black pepper, clove, and cinnamon all of which support health and immunity.



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