Of lost recipes and sustainability

 Of lost recipes and sustainability

Gourmet Getaway, the brainchild of restaurateur-food entrepreneur Dushyant Singh, is a culinary affair where food connoisseurs gather to celebrate their love and passion for food sizzling delicacies from around the world.

The gastronomic food festival took place in Jaipur from October 9 to October 13 with the theme being ‘lost recipes and sustainability’. The event featured lavish delicacies from around the world, live food stations, cooking workshops/masterclasses, zero waste kitchen, coffee experience, exclusive dining experiences, panel discussion and a lot more.

The climax episode of the Gourmet Getaway Food Festival was held on October 12, 2019. The Sundowner took everyone by surprise. The amazing evening was a commemoration of expert chefs, good food and a different culture. There were seven stalls representing totally different cultures and tastes but united food.

Chef Vanisha Bhatia took a masterclass on Sustainability and zero waste kitchen and Chef Jyoti Vishnani, a popular face of a Master Chef India Season 4 did a masterclass on Sindhi cuisine. Mixologist Virendra Singh took everyone through surprising flavours and experience in cocktails. There was a panel discussion on “Challenges in balancing quality & sustainability in the Food industry in Modern times” and the panel had renowned Chefs like Chef Manjit Gill, Chef Sudhir Sibbal, Dr Asheesh Chopra, Chef Parul Kapoor, and Chef Rishi Agarwal. Also, Chef Prasad Metrani hosted a Community Table at Hotel Fairmont Jaipur which was based on the theme ‘Lost Recipes’.

The aim of Gourmet Getaway was to create a world-class experience that would revolutionize the food industry in Rajasthan. The event was a perfect getaway for all the food lovers who wanted to relish international food and bask in a culinary experience like never before. This all-important global gathering shone a light on Rajasthan’s world-class tourism industry and its ever-growing gastronomic reputation and turned the place into a culinary hot spot with international flavours.


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