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With the king of fruits, Mango ruling the summer season, we bring for you some delicious mango drink recipes that you can make at home. These recipes have been contributed by Abhishek Banerjee, Bar Head, Raffles Udaipur.  


King Yellow


Gin 60ml

Mango 30ml

Basil 5-6 leaves

Sweet and sour 25ml

Foamer 3-4 drops

Method Shaken

Glassware coupe



Put all the ingredients in the shaker

Fill it up with ice and shake it

Fine strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a mango leather




mango drink


Vodka 30ml

Mango 30ml

Thyme 4-5 sprigs

Sweet and sour 10ml

Sparkling wine top up

Method shaken

Glass champagne tulip



Chill a tulip glass

Add vodka, mango, thyme and sweet sour mix in a shaker

Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass

Top it up with Sparkling wine and garnish with fresh thyme sprigs



Love & Happiness

mango drink


Tequila 40ml

Campari 15ml

Mango 30ml

Cinnamon 4-5 sticks

Method shaken

Glassware rock glass



Add all ingredients in the shakeer tin and muddle cinnamon sticks into it

Fill it up with ice and give it a good shake

Fine strain into a rock glass and garnish it with caramalized mango along with a stamped orange peel


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