K se Kulcha is now looking for business growth partners, says Manas Wadhwa

 K se Kulcha is now looking for business growth partners, says Manas Wadhwa

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Manas Wadhwa, who owns restaurants like Desi Vibes, Ka cafe, Kaffiaa, and Imperial Spice, launched K se Kulcha amid raging Covid19, in August 2021. K se Kulcha recently got the Best Newcomer QSR award by the Food Connoisseurs India Awards. It was presented by Anurag Katriar, Trustee, National Restaurant Association of India and Founder & Managing Director Indigo Hospitality Pvt Ltd. Wadhwa tells us more about K se Kulcha:

Why did you think of setting up an exclusive Kulcha outlet?
We came out with K se Kulcha after we realised that safety standards and hygiene have become of utmost importance for people, thanks to Covid19. Customers want to consume from a clean counter that serves hygienic food. And amid all this, people were missing finger-licking, spicy street food.

Kulcha is a cheap street food. Why would a customer come to you?
Because we let our customers enjoy the mouth-watering, soul-full flavours of the street right in their budget. One of our most loved and lowest costing dishes, bhelpuri (we all have been having this since childhood) is priced at Rs 99/. Our chefs’ special Butter Chicken Kullad is priced at Rs 229/-. Customers should also come to us because we offer safe and hygienic street food.

Chole Chawal Kullad (left) and Dahi ke Kebab (right)

How innovative can one get with Kulchas?
Creativity has no end. At K se Kulcha, we offer 10 distinctive varieties of Kulcha bread and our menu has 100 plus dishes. Still, we are always eager to experiment and add new flavours to the plate. Our Kulchas are healthy, tasty and rich in essential nutrients.

Which is your best-selling Kulcha.
One of our best-selling Kulcha is the Multigrain Kulcha which is served along with delicious, Smokey Punjabi style Chole.

Dal Makhani with Chur Chur Naan (left) and Tawa Chatpate Aloo (right)

There are some healthy varieties available in the market like Ragi Kulchas and Beetroot Kulchas… any such thing coming from your kitchen?
We do pay utmost importance to healthy ingredients while preparing dishes. We offer five distinctive bread options that are tasty and healthy, including Multigrain Kulcha, Whole Wheat Kulcha and Herbs Kulcha.

How do you keep yourself relevant amid the changing food trends?
These days social media plays a vital role in both building a brand presence and staying updated. We are present across various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook that provide us with the knowledge of the newest food trends. We collaborate with food bloggers from time and time to maintain relevance amid the changing food trends. Lastly, customer feedback is a major source of information that motivates us to always do better and be at our best.

Special Amritsari Kulcha Chole

What are your future plans?
Being a first-generation company, we are eagerly looking for business growth partners who would like to shake hands with us. We are mainly focusing on FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) Model, where outlets will be operated by us and investment is sought from a franchise partner. Furthermore, initially, we plan to focus on the Delhi-NCR market only. We are in process of developing various formats of our outlets which could be further branched out into market-specific locations. In simple words, Kiosks for the food court in malls, full-service sit-down outlets for high streets market.


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