Madras in a box

 Madras in a box

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Kocoatrait, Sustainable Bean to Bar chocolates has introduced The Madras Collection, a limited edition set of nine exquisite flavoured bars inspired by the flavours from Tamil Nadu. For the love of the planet, only 75 boxes have been curated.
“This is our tribute to Madras! Exotic and first time local flavours include Sukku Malli Kaapi, Filter Coffee, Kozhukkattai, Malligai, Sarkarai Pongal, Mor Miligai, Panai Sarkarai, Panakam and Paneer Roja. As a first, we have partnered with nine different sustainability initiatives that Madras is proud of and have dedicated space on the front of the wrapper to each of them. These make it nine sustainability stories of Madras in a box! As always, as a support to the traditional craftsmen of Tamil Nadu, we have enclosed this collection on a handmade palm leaf box,” informs L Nitin Chordia, India’s first certified chocolate taster.


“In addition to the local flavours, we have dedicated the front of each wrapper to a sustainable initiative that originates from Madras. This is our way to appreciate the work that this community is doing in making the city more sustainable,” adds Poonam Chordia, co-founder, Kocoatrait.
Price Rs 3,250 inclusive of overnight Blue Dart delivery and taxes


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