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Dining experiences are no longer the same. Creating wow factor in the ambience of a restaurant has become an emerging trend. Be it a romantic date, a chill hangout with friends or just a sweet soiree with your family, our choices of restaurants are basis the decor and vibe that is totally instagrammable. Here are some of the most instagrammable restaurants that surely will elevate your dining experience by offering interiors that are totally worth your photo shot. Below are some names that are a must visit:

The Nines, Juhu

As you step into this fine-dining gem nestled in the upscale Juhu neighbourhood, the carefully curated ambience, adorned with the subtle enchantment of the number 9, transforms your visit into a magical land. Boasting stunning interiors and spanning 14,000 sq. ft., The Nines stands as a sanctuary, seamlessly blending modern European bistro finesse with a contemporary twist. Let yourself wander into the distinct spaces like- the vibrant Green Room, where nature’s beauty makes an entrance; the dreamlike Skylight Bar, bathing in natural sunlight and moonlight for an elevated unwinding experience; the spacious Private Dining Room and the scenic balcony, makes it perfect for family get-togethers and parties. If you’re an enthusiast of colossal gothic architecture then the grand Dome exuding grandiosity will surely make you feel like you are living the dream. The stunning interiors are accompanied by some delightful food, the “Well Crafted” menu is a fusion of global influences, combining elements from Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, and Western cuisines to create a unique and exciting dining experience.

Amazonia, BKC

Amid all the chaos and lunchtime rush in busy restaurants, let yourself be whisked away to a lush rainforest oasis that exudes an aura of extreme glamour and tropical vibes. Amazonia, with its glass front, metal screens, tons of hanging plants initiating a sense of quiet wilderness and the “shrubbery chic” decor adorned with exotic flora and gargantuan animals as centrepieces and section dividers will leave you breathless. A modern interpretation of the Amazon to envision the design language for Amazonia, a velveteen maximalist hush takes over as you walk in. A predominance of green features around the restaurant’s bar area, with a combination of lighting, furniture and tropical-themed artwork., Pantone’s colour of the year, magenta pink, takes pride of place, aided by a corner wrapped in green with a cocoon bamboo swing and a back-drop of flamingos as well as sculptural jaguars, cheetahs, ostriches, monkeys and ants on the walls transporting you to the serene wilderness. While the interiors keep you hooked, the most delicious and innovative multi-cuisine will tantalize your taste buds. The lively atmosphere is infectious and will have you coming back for more.

one8 Commune, Juhu

The heritage pathways and the golden sands of the Juhu locality have been no stranger to some of the most memorable moments and spots that give this beloved uber-cool suburb its legacy reputation. one8 Commune, the casual dining space owned by Virat Kohli serves as a community space and a sense of belonging for the diverse crowd of Juhu to mingle along. Doing justice to the fact that Mumbai comes from a uniquely diverse architectural and urban design language, one8 Commune keeps the space free-spirited and inspirational. If you are looking to spend some quiet time by yourself or just want to get those creative juices flowing one8 Commune’s beautiful rustic interiors bring calmness to this experience.  A homage to the late Kishore Kumar, located at his old house, the space gives a “homely” yet elegant social vibe. With indoor & outdoor seating, vibrant artefacts placed in the lavish space are sure to catch your eye. The restaurant’s bar area is adorned with an autograph of Virat Kohli on the wall, making it perfect for all the fans of Virat Kohli and cricket fans alike. one8 Commune’s kitchen unveils a memorable feast of global cuisines, all created with passion, refinement, and precision, making it a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Cray Craft, Andheri
A safe haven for all food lovers and enthusiasts alike, if you are looking for a place that delights your senses with its beautiful interiors, and vibrant atmosphere, then Cray Craft in Andheri, Marol is the one for you. Every detail, from the elegant woodwork to the comfortable furniture, has been meticulously curated to perfection. The restaurant’s art draws inspiration from cool Otomi designs, seamlessly blending them with modern and sophisticated furniture. To add a touch of warmth and cosiness, charming clay lights and pots have been artfully incorporated. The bar area features tall stools and sofas, providing a relaxed ambience, while the dining area boasts low sofas and chairs for a more intimate setting. The floor design adds an element of fun, while the curvaceous walls lend a lively vibe to the entire place. This unique combination of eccentricity and elegance makes it the ideal destination for a delightful dining experience that can shared with your followers and stir a little envy in them. Cray Craft offers a diverse menu with dishes like Indian & Asian ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Koa, Juhu
Another gem nestled in the cultural neighbourhood of Juhu is the Bohemian-themed culinary restaurant Koa. After capturing the hearts of the people in Thane, this quaint little Bohemian restaurant is here to sweep the Mumbaikars off their feet. The new outlet in Juhu exudes an alfresco vibe, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean with its clean, chic design and elements inspired by the stunning aesthetics of Greece. The enchanting world of Koa, with its timeless allure, transports you back in time, making it the perfect weekend getaway from regular dinner dates and restaurants. This inviting space curates an unforgettable experience for food lovers and culture aficionados with its charming decor and exquisite multi-cuisine menu.

Baliboo, Goregaon
Travel to the world of exotic lands, without moving your feet with the new starlet Baliboo in Goregaon. Infused with the essence of Bali’s lush flora and fauna, the interior boasts a serene colour palette and abundant natural light which makes it the perfect place to click those beautiful pictures for your Instagram. The captivating 3D murals on the walls, the high-energy bar, and the striking Elephant statue embodying the spirit of wildlife are sure to lend visual intrigue. The cascading linen and bamboo chandeliers with cosy seatings and soft ambient lighting make it an intimate dining experience perfect for dates and get-togethers. The menu brings together a delightful array of dishes that harmoniously blend Asian, Continental, and Indian inspirations to satisfy every palate, creating an inviting haven for patrons. Indulge in the spirit of a tropical getaway at Baliboo, where every dish, every sip, and every moment weave together to create an unforgettable experience.

So, what are you waiting for, get those phones out and click away the scenic dining spaces that must go on your instagram page.



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