India gets its first cold tea outlet

 India gets its first cold tea outlet

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Did you know that drinking cold tea is healthier because when you steep tea in cold water catechins and tannins remain intact and your tea becomes healthier as it is full of antioxidants. It also ensures that with each sip of tea your body gets rejuvenated and your skin glows. It is a known fact that tea has lesser caffeine content compared to other drinks and is full of Vitamin C, so beat the heat with a drink that will keep you hydrated with a punch of exotic flavour.
In India, tea is the solution to everything — sleep, stress, boredom, gossip — you name it and you have it. We simply cannot live without it. It is the rhythm to our life. Keeping in mind the love for tea in India, a visionary and well-travelled entrepreneur recently launched the country’s first cold tea outlet T-Enjoy at Kamla Nagar in the National Capital.
At T-Enjoy, it’s not just a cup of chai. The tea is absolutely pure and packed with health and goodness of Nature. With 20 different natural flavours and blends to choose from, it is a burst of refreshment and takes your tea time experience to a different level altogether. Starting at Rs 120, these exotic flavours vary from different Cheese Teas, Fruit Teas as also milk Blend Teas. The different variety of Fruit Teas available are Watermelon Tea, Orange Tea, Kalakhatta Tea and many more.
“I observed the concept of cold green teas during my many international tours. Bangkok, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia all have the concept of cold green tea. I took inspiration from the healthy teas available in China and decided to introduce them in our own tea-loving country, India. I initiated the process by first sending my team to China, to learn the process of preparing a fine cup of cold tea, the training took almost four months,” says T-Enjoy founder BM Rastogi.
By the end of 2020, Rastogi plans to open 20 more cafes across the country in cities like Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Mumbai. But before that, there will be a few more T-Enjoy cafes opening across Delhi-NCR. The next one opens soon in Preet Vihar. On an experimental basis, an e-rickshaw, which is an extension of the cafe on wheels, will also be functional at Preet Vihar.


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