Gorge on delicious Old Delhi food

 Gorge on delicious Old Delhi food

Osama with his mother Nazish Jalali

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Whether you are a brief visitor to Delhi or a hardcore Delhiite; a foodie or someone who wants to know more about the original the cuisine of Delhi, a visit to The Lodhi is a must these days. Food historian-author-chef Osama Jalali has curated a special gastronomic delight The Chronicles of Old Delhi, for you at this place.

Jalali has curated the special Shahjahanabad (old name of Delhi) food along with his mother Nazish Jalali. In fact, it was the mother who painstakingly collected the recipes during the days she spent in the Walled City after her marriage.
“India has a rich culinary history, and we love showcasing it wherever and whenever we can. It is our way of reviving our lost recipes and preserving the food heritage of our nation,” says Osama, adding that presenting such food at The Lodhi gives them an opportunity to connect with the young crowd that visits the hotel.
“We’re thrilled to have the Jalalis at The Lodhi and for the Daawat they have curated for our valued patrons. We have always strived to offer the best of culinary experiences to our guests and we’re privileged to have someone of his stature bring in his expertise and passion for food to the heart of the city,” said Rajesh Namby, General Manager, The Lodhi.
The festival is on till August 29.


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