Get spoilt for choice at VDeliver

 Get spoilt for choice at VDeliver

Saurabh Tankha

It was while talking to a Gurugram-based colleague that I got to know about VDeliver. So much praise did my friend shower about the delicious food from this unilateral cloud kitchen that I decided to try it out myself. But then a question crossed my mind – would this Gurugram-based kitchen deliver to Noida where I stayed? Surfing through their website,, I found they did. I was in luck.

What, however, surprised me more than anything else were the 700 dishes to choose from. One was, in the true sense, spoilt for choice here. What to eat or what to skip was the big question? The options varied from Italian (Westside Story) to Progressive Pan-Asian cuisine (Origami) to rich Indian delicacies (Sehar Saanjh) and burgers (Honest Buns) to modern interpretations of soya (Soya Yum) to bakery and confectionery (Salt n Sugar) to modern Chinese cuisine (Dragon Dray).

A little discussion between the family members led to the consensus of ordering Progressive Pan-Asian cuisine or Origami as VDeliver calls it. A couple of hours later, we were savouring one of the finest cuisines for a long time ever since Covid-19 had hit the world. The dishes came in neatly packed boxes, minus and spills and stains. In fact, they were so packed to the T, giving an impression that these are being served in a restaurant.



We began our feast with dim sums – Shanghai Chilli Chicken Dim Sums (chicken and Thai fresh chilli; Rs 385 for six) for non-veggies and Crystal Spicy Mushroom Dim Sums (wok tossed mushrooms and fragrant chilli; Rs 365 for six). Each of these were succulent and delicious as was the Sweet Chilli and Mushroom Cream Bao (mushroom and cream cheese infused with sweet chilli; pan seared; Rs 345).

Then there were the Thai Green Curry (Rs 395), Miscellany of Assorted Mushroom with Basil and Chilli (Rs 395) for the veggies and Wok Fried Chicken Tempered Chilli and Garlic (wok tossed chicken leg, simmered with homemade chilli sauce and tempered with garlic and chilli flakes; Rs 445) for the non-veggies to go with Edamame Corn and Spice Fried Rice (Rs 245) and Veg Yaki Udon Noodles (Rs 295). We rounded off our feast up with Raspberry Pannacotta (Rs 365) and Chocolate and Peanut Bar (Rs 365).



One of the finest dishes for the evening was Ebi Tempura Sushi Roll (cooked sushi rice spread on a nori sheet and thereafter topped with tempura shrimp and rolled tightly; Rs 385) and Crazy Summer Roll (Rs 365). The helpings were generous and the spread yummy-licious. Full marks to the chef and his team for laying out such a sumptuous spread, one that was beautifully designed and equally neatly packed too. Not to be missed for sure.


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