TOP 5 Fit-n-fab brands for Holi munching

 TOP 5 Fit-n-fab brands for Holi munching

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Have you heard the song, Do me a favour: Let’s play Holi? How about this – Do me a favour: Let’s eat healthy this Holi? Afterall, the festival of colours and food is here! From colourful gulaal to funky pichkaaris and the lethal bhaang to the chilled thandai along with finger-licking gujiyas and extra-sugary loaded snacks, Holi has it all.
Besides the bevy of colours, Holi Hungama is incomplete without delicious Indian sweets and snacks, cooked for this grand jamboree. But do you know that a single gujiya contains about 270 calories in total, which can add a severe dent in your healthy routine and sustainable living? So now you need to think twice before binging on your favourite Holi treats. Over the past few years, the use of organic colours has surged so, this year, let’s pay little heed to our diet regime as well.

This Holi hovers to healthier variants of traditional Indian sweets that are equally delicious and enticing. Voila! Check out the top 5 brands that promise super healthy treats to make your taste-buds go – this is yummilicious!


Leading health and wellness brand offers research-driven nutrition food products that lead to sustainable health, weight loss and management of lifestyle diseases. It has recently introduced Sania Mirza Signature collection for all the health-conscious people. Sania, who believes in a more balanced approach to “Healthy Living” has unveiled The Breakfast Kit and the Snacks Kit that is now available on Possible.


The brand crafts the ultimate indulgence experiences with couverture chocolates. Smoor was created by Vimal Sharma in March 2015. For Holi, they have a mix of a range of colourful products and an Indian Mithai Fusion Cake. Then there is the Rainbow Cake is a stunning celebration cake made of seven vibrant and colourful layers of sponge with a cream cheese frosting. It’s a favourite with children and adults alike. Smoor Macarons which are delicate French style macarons with a crunchy exterior and soft smooth fillings. Ras-e-Rasmalai Cake which is a fusion cake with the best of rasmalais and delicate French macarons. 

Too Yumm
Provides a whole new range of baked chips products that are low on calories. Too Yumm chips are available in five flavours. Too Yumm made “guilt-free” snacking a reality in India with its range of Foxnuts, Veggie Stix, Multigrain Chips, Karare, Puffs, Potato Stix, and Rings. With its range of lip-smacking flavours, Too Yumm brings you #HarCravingKaJawab.

Feel Mighty
A keto-friendly dessert brand filled with nutrients. The brand believes in the importance of good health and fitness, and are committed to helping people achieve their goals. For all health-conscious people out there, who every now and then crave for a sweet dessert that is guilt-free, here is Feel Mighty to your rescue!


This farm-to-fork delivery kitchen, known for its plant-based treats (paleo, vegan and gluten-free), offers handcrafted bliss balls using ingredients like organic raw cacao, organic nuts, dates, coconut oil, and other wholesome ingredients, paired with flavours like walnut, orange, acai and matcha.


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