Croquette or torrijas, anyone?

 Croquette or torrijas, anyone?

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The next time you want to enjoy a Spanish omelette, have a craving for a croquette or want to enjoy a torrijas or churros, no need to plan a trip to the European nation. To roll out a series of stylish Spanish restaurants across its extensive portfolio of hotels in India, Radisson Hotel Group has signed an exclusive Master Franchise Agreement (MFA) with Tapas Club, a popular Singapore-based food and drink (F&D) brand. The menu at these restaurants will comprise specialty Spanish dishes such as paella, contemporary tapas and delectable desserts with dishes reflecting Indian palates and having plenty of vegetarian options.

Radisson Hotel Group, under the new deal, will have exclusive use of the Tapas Club name in India, allowing it to introduce premium Spanish cuisine to its guests who are on the lookout for new experiences. These lively restaurants will attract local residents and non-resident guests to dine at Radisson Hotel Group’s hotels. The company plans to open more than 10 restaurants in the next four years and will deploy top chefs trained in Spanish cuisine across its Indian hotels and resorts.

“We are excited to introduce a new era of dynamic Spanish dining, tailored to Indian palates, to our hotels across the country. We aim to become flagbearers of Spanish cuisine in India,” said Katerina Giannouka, President, Asia Pacific, Radisson Hotel Group.


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