Cherry Blossom Festival at YOUMEE

 Cherry Blossom Festival at YOUMEE

Japan is known around the world for its Cherry Blossom festivals held during the spring. It’s kind of a holiday where families have picnics underneath the trees, enjoy delicious food and drinks while watching beautiful cherry blossoms and light-ups at night.
With onset of spring and taking inspiration from Japan, YOUMEE, an Asian cuisine restaurant inspired by Food Manga, is celebrating Cherry Blossom Festival with a special Sushi menu. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride of some serious sushi action and authentic flavours at the month-long fiesta, from March 2 up till April 1, 2020. With fun and lively Manga art on the walls and relaxed ambience, the celebration promises to be the culinary escape one fervently needs.

The menu curated by Chef Rattan Kumar is tempting bait for all Japanese food aficionados. Begin with carefully prepared new age rolls such as Mushroom Truffle, a yummy blend of crispy fried enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom and tempura flakes, Crunchy Misaki with salmon and tuna cream cheese, Ebi Supreme with prawn tempura and crab stick and many more. The menu also features artisan rolls and balls which are an ideal mix of texture and flavours. Relish delectable Teriyaki chicken rolls with grilled chicken, scallion & teriyaki mayo. Avocado lovers must try Karikari Yasai and Takuwan and Avocado. Don’t miss the Japanese popular- Sake & Maguro, which are handmade sushi balls topped with salmon and tuna on awase miso flavoured rice.

Where Venue: M-27, Ground Floor, YOUMEE, GK II, New Delhi
Timing 11:00 am – 11:30 pm
Cost for two Rs 1,500+taxes



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