Now, enjoy the food cooked by your favourite celeb chefs

 Now, enjoy the food cooked by your favourite celeb chefs

When was the last time you had so wanted to relish that dish prepared by a celeb chef on your favourite TV cookery show? And how much had you longed it to be on your dining table. If you had, JustMyRoots is making this turn into a reality. For the first time ever, food lovers will be able to order their favourite dishes cooked by their favourite chefs in India. With an aim to revolutionise interstate food delivery, JustMyRoots is set to announce a unique and one-of-its-kind collaboration with top celebrity chefs, catering to the wishes of the consumers, enabling delivery of made-to-order dishes by celebrity chefs and influencers.

With a robust network of delivery system and a rock solid supply chain, JustMyRoots developed this concept of taking meals cooked by celebrity chefs to the end consumer, across cities. It is the country’s first interstate home delivery service that facilitates delivery of perishable cooked food/ others across cities with packaging that keeps the food fresh for more than 26 hours. Over a period of three years, JustMyRoots has been delivering cooked meals, unique and authentic to a particular region across the country to customers in over 25 cities.

The customers will now be able to place live orders while the celebrity chef is cooking. Whether the chef is cooking on any platform, be it on social media channels or OTT, their fans can place order on the JustMyRoots App and get that favourite dish delivered at their doorstep. They need to simply login and choose from the celebrity chefs listed on the JustMyRoots App to demand what they would like to eat cooked by their favorite chef

Multiple celebrity chefs will be streaming live onto the JustMyRoots App, where you watch them cook your “on-demand” dish. JustMyRoots will then ensure that the food is delivered to you in time. JustMyRoots is working with multiple cloud kitchen partners across different cities to ensure ease of delivery.

“We have always considered food as an emotion that brings people and families’ closer. Therefore, we have tried creating a business model where people can enjoy their favourite meals/dishes from their favourite food outlet from across any part of the country. This collaboration is a step closer to our vision, where it will be possible for our customers to order a signature dish directly from their favourite ccelebrity chef’s kitchen to their homes,” says Samiran Sengupta, CEO and Co-Founder, JustMyRoots.


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