Why drinking beer is good for you

 Why drinking beer is good for you


Avneet Singh

Beer has been a popular alcoholic beverage for ages! Meeting your friends on Friday night for the beer ritual, celebrating milestones with loved ones cheering up beer cans, or just rejoicing with a bottle of beer all by yourself, this drink has always been elementary in celebrations, and best buddy otherwise!

But, did you know that it can also have positive health impacts contrary to common beliefs? You must be wondering, how!

Making this beverage involves brewing and fermenting cereal grains with yeast, hops, and flavoring agents. The alcohol concentration in cans ranges between 4-6 per cent, and the beverage ranges from 0.5-40 per cent. The nutritional composition of this drink has some minerals and vitamins. Hence, it can aid health when the consumption is kept moderate.

To not leave you thinking anymore about its health benefits, here’s a list of five reasons why drinking  beer can be good for you.

Beer Keeps Your Heart Healthy
It is a heart-healthy alcoholic beverage, and drinkers are known to have a 42 per cent lower risk of heart disease compared to ones who don’t consume. However, it is a boon for heart health only when consumed in moderation. Researchers suggest, consuming 5per cent alcohol a day (by volume) is considered decent consumption!

Improves Blood Sugar Control
Blood sugar is a common health problem for many people juggling with diabetes. Moderate consumption of beer improves blood sugar. Major studies have concluded that light consumption of beer reduces insulin resistance which is a risk factor for diabetes. However, it does not imply sugar-loaded alcoholic beer beverages!

Increases Your Life Cycle
It is also associated with a longer life. Researchers have found that people who consume it moderately are 19 per cent less likely to die at a given time compared to ones who do not consume.

Aids Kidney Stones
When consumed in moderation, it helps prevent excess calcium deposits in the urinary tract system. It flushes kidney stones from the human body painlessly through higher urine production and widened urinary tubes. However, you must keep the consumption moderate as higher consumption can cause more kidney stones.

Boosts Your Creativity
It can get your creative juices flowing. A study by the journal Consciousness and Cognition showed men who had consumed it could solve a verbal puzzle faster than sober men. It makes one feel easy about oneself and that significantly improves the confidence level enhancing problem-solving skills!

This beverage is not always harmful to health, especially when you are cautious about the consumption. Moreover, if a glass of beer helps you go about life easily and happily, then you can binge on it without guilt! However, you must not overdo beer consumption. Keep it in moderation, and you are less likely to face any health issues. Additionally, keep your diet nutrition-rich to aid health.

Avneet Singh, Founder, Medusa Beverages Pvt. Ltd


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