World’s first handmade pure gold zari pocket square

 World’s first handmade pure gold zari pocket square

The pocket square, a purely decorative accessory that once belonged to the old school, has now become a sartorial signature for men. Redefining this classic essential, Goulian Finch with its range of pocket squares aim to push the boundaries of the very definition of ‘classic’ itself.

The core objective of the brand is to revive Benarasi handloom weaving artform and assert a place for Indian textile in luxury fashion. With collaborative support of skilled weavers, Goulian Finch has introduced world’s first fully handwoven pure gold zari pocket squares.
Each piece of the collection is a story, a poem, a wave, a weavers heart in itself; personifying the history of Benaras. Inspired by the ragas of Hindi music, it tells a story of shades, reliefs and movement. Each raga is an array of melodic structures with musical motifs, considered in the Indian tradition.

HAMIR A homage to the classic and simple ride of Ganga river (which runs through Banaras), representing  journey, adventure & exploration to the far & beyond.
ASAA Inspired by the free soul, an endless exploration and flight of this beautiful, ever inspiring creature.
KAFI An epitome of Banaras, a transformation of Siddhartha to Buddha, a tree of enlightenment.
Represents a purity of body, speech and mind. Blossoming and spreading purity and harmony around.
Price Rs 12,000 onwards


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