TOP5 companies offering winter work wear for your employees

 TOP5 companies offering winter work wear for your employees

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With mercury dropping by the day, much of the country experiences chilly weather characterised by high winds and snow as winter draws near. Given that workers are frequently exposed to slick working environments, slick roadways, and winter-related illnesses like frostbite and cold stress, these circumstances present a special set of challenges for firms operating during the winter months.
To protect your employees from the cold, it’s crucial to outfit them in the proper uniforms and clothing. However, employing the appropriate work attire along with crucial workplace winter safety uniforms is difficult to find.
We are presenting a list that will recommend which companies to choose if you want to keep your workers warm & safe throughout the winter months while keeping your brand identity intact.

For B2B buyers of furniture, home textiles, apparel, and accessories, Geniemode is a one-stop sourcing portal. It guarantee ethical procurement from their network of suppliers, putting a strong emphasis on value. They offer design, product development, manufacturing, quality assurance, and delivery. The solutions ensure openness, allow all stakeholders to speed up their processes, and help them better communicate their value proposition to clients.

Nona lifestyle
Nona Lifestyle, which was established in 2016, is your one-stop shop for all corporate merchandising needs, from design to delivery. The company is known for best-in-class operations, a unified tech platform, and streamlining the sourcing and supply chain procedures. Every stage of the supply chain is streamlined by the automated backend platform, including the factory execution system, supply tracking, real-time supplier capacity planning, inventory and logistics analytics, and digitisation of back-end and financial activities. With Nona Lifestyle’s solutions, brands may acquire merchandising that is specifically catered to their needs and demands, whether that be a windcheater for chilly winds, a jacket to shield against the cold, or a combination of both. Nona is prepared to assist brands with their ideas.

With cutting-edge production, sourcing, and trade solutions, Zilingo is a B2B technology platform that supports the world’s apparel supply chain. With the goal of making a connected and transparent supply chain accessible to everyone, it was launched in 2015. Trade across a variety of areas, such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty, home, and more, is facilitated through their marketplace for wholesale enterprises.
Browse a wide digital selection of goods from reliable vendors at affordable rates, make your online payment securely, and take advantage of the offers for quick delivery services.

Fashinza offers complete production support to apparel companies, from delivery to design. They assist with the designs, get the materials, do rapid samples, make the clothes the way the companies want them, check the quality rigorously, and deliver the goods on schedule. Our technology makes it simple to track production via notifications and photographs, and their experts consistently support brands throughout the entire process. One can submit their own designs to Fashinza, or they can choose the best-selling patterns from its current inventory! Prioritizing preferences is the aim.

Founded in 2021, Groyoo is the world’s first manufacturer-first automation platform, bringing millions of manufacturing MSMEs together on a single platform, and helping them grow their business. The brand is using technology and standardization to change the industrial industry. Groyyo aims to transform the MSME & SME manufacturing sector by unlocking international demand and supplying technology. Groyyo app helps you manage your production and TNA.


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