What’s your fragrance this monsoon?

 What’s your fragrance this monsoon?

Narendra Kumar Daga

Monsoons call for intense, long lasting perfumes which don’t easily washed away with sweat or rapidly lapped up by the surrounding moisture. It is so important to smell good and fresh. Usually, the lighter citrus and aromatic top notes instantly hit the nose and are perceived to spell monsoon magic. Scoring in terms of better silage (fragrance aura/ trail enhanced by ambient temperature); citrus, fresh floral, marine, woody and musky notes are best suited for humid weather. When considering the longevity of a fragrance – the likes of amber, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli and rosewood make for poignant, viable choices. These fragrances densely sink into the skin and only gradually evaporate. They don’t get washed away with sweat and linger on for much longer.
If you identify yourself as a Man of Code, then a classic fragrances with strong base notes of cedarwood, amber, musk or patchouli is your perfect jazz this season. For those with a love for sporty fragrances, look out for a mint and bergamot combination during monsoon months. Women who find fruity scents appealing must try the ideal mix of tangy orange notes infused in the freshness of either apple or peach top. These two are more often accentuated by the inclusion of a Cedar wood base note or bask well in the warmth of musk. For a floral bloomy aroma, women can choose from the scintillating fusion of jasmine, bergamot or even lilac with notes of geranium or ylang-ylang. To be doubly sure of an “enhanced” experience, look for an amalgamation of any of these recommended components in the base, heart and top notes in your perfume of choice. To be sure of what you are buying, always check the ingredients on the perfume packaging.

Note Eau de toilette compositions with about 8%-12% pure perfume essence are quite ineffective during the sultry monsoon. These fragrances rapidly evaporate unlike an Eau de Parfum (EDP). Comprising 10%-18% pure perfume essence, EDPs are more reliable with higher concentration of oils that linger longer and also stay true to the original composition of notes. For a lasting experience, always opt for an EDP instead of an Eau de Toilette during the monsoon.
Meanwhile, do remember to conduct a patch test and check for allergies, unwanted dryness, irritability, fragrance performance prior to the purchase. All that is required is to dab some perfume on your wrist/ forearm, wait for a few seconds before taking a whiff of it. However, while sampling do refrain from testing multiple perfumes around the same area or rubbing both wrists together and confusing your senses in the process.

Happy fragrance shopping!

 The author is founder and MD, McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, makers of Wild Stone and Secret Temptation



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