Why should you befriend Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 during summers?

 Why should you befriend Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 during summers?

Summer heat takes a toll on skin making it dull and listless. Vitamin E & B5 get the radiance back.

Romita Mazumdar

Now that the winters are officially over and the summers have set in, everyone knows what it calls for… The scorching heat and sweaty palms! Summers are not just challenging for our lifestyle, but are also tough for our skin. High temperature makes our skin oily, sweaty, and in dire need of soothing and cooling products.
When summer deprives you of the glow and freshness, you need to give it back and there’s nothing better than the good old vitamins that come to our mind. Vitamins play a major role in giving life back to dull, lifeless skin. To improve the overall health of your skin this summer, befriend Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 and unveil radiant complexion all day long.
Let’s take a quick look at what these two unsung heroes can do for your skin and how they do it!

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is also known as Tocopherol. It is an oil-soluble vitamin that is often found in skincare products, supplements and food. Since it is oil-soluble, it has the ability to penetrate deep into our skin through the pores and provide the necessary benefits. This ingredient is mostly famous for its nourishing properties, but did you know that vitamin E is also an antioxidant? It protects our skin from various toxins and environmental damage such as free radicals and UV damage.
Although Vitamin E is naturally found in our sebaceous glands, with age, its production is reduced and our skin loses its natural elasticity, moisture, and ability to protect itself. This is where topical treatments come to our rescue.

Benefits of Vitamin E during summers:
♦ It increases sun protection
♦ It prevents sun damage
♦ It works on various concerns such as hyperpigmentation and fine lines

Vitamin B5
If you have heard about Vitamin B5 or Panthenol before, you are a skincare nerd! But for those  who are new to this ingredient, here is all you need to know about this essential ingredient for the summer season. Panthenol is very common among the foods everyone eats such as honey and also some treatment based products to heal wounds. One of the greatest things about this ingredient is that it suits all skin types, whether dry, oily, or acne-prone.
This ingredient works on your skin by delivering intense moisture and coolness to your skin. This penetrates deep into the skin and reaches all the different layers that need moisture. It locks in all the moisture by preventing trans-epidermal water loss and makes our skin soft and supple like a baby’s!

Benefits of Vitamin B5 for summer:
♦ It calms down any sort of inflammation
♦ It significantly reduces the TWEL
♦ It is perfect to pair with actives as it reduces irritation
♦ It regulates skin barrier and prevents breakouts

These ingredients have been gaining immense popularity among people. If you are looking to add the benefits of both these ingredients to your summer skincare routine, there are a few Indian brands nailing their formulations with Vitamin E and Vitamin B5. Check them out now and get your summer skincare sorted.

Romita Mazumdar is Founder, Foxtale, a skincare brand


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